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Gay Erotica, Like or Hate It ??? - Your WRITES

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There are SO many topics here. I haven't seen any topics about gay erotica. So what do you guys (an girls) think about gay erotica.

Some puritan think erotica is trashy although many secretly crave for it. I mean look at how Fifty Shades of Grey took over the literary world. Some readers (including straight women) like hardcore erotica while some only want softcore. Most gay men I knew hate reading, even if the stories were 100% porn (they prefer porn videos).

I actually prefer hardcore erotica. More exciting. Softcore is also good as long as it has captivating plot (I avoid modern drama though). I'm disappointed by most commercial erotica though, because sex usually happens within several sentences.

I prefer male writers. Female writers are often too mushy and afraid to hit on sex subject blatantly. They often use unreal phrases like "the sun caresses his skin" or something like that. It's like they're trying to prolong their stories with unimportant details.

So how about u guys (and girls), do you like gay erotic stories ???


Hi Endy,

Sometimes I like trashy, pornographic erotica, sometimes I like some spice in a good story. Most of my stories have some sex in them as a part of the plot. I love porno is books, and in videos. It helps to satisfy my passionate hunger., After all we all have dry spells where audio-visual aides help you do the laundry by hand.


I am a writer, and I write lesbian erotic stories both contemporary and historical (and mythological). Gay guys never read my stuff but some straight guys do just because they love the lesbian sex scenes. Girls usually love my stories though!



Hi Bethany,

I am a gay guy that enjoys lesbian literature. I have a lot of books from a female centered publishing house in Itaca, New York. I love the stories but I do skip over that yucky lesbian sex scenes. Do you read gay male lit and skip over the yucky gay male sex, and gay male writers are unrealistic, all men are devestatingly handsome and have penis as long as a Rose Parade float. We aint all overhung, just oversexed. Do you ever post your stories here?