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I'm having a real hard time rt now miss my best friend who died some years ago. I wnt to watch the one movie tht hlp sometimes but don't wnt to give n. Wht shld I do? Do I give n n cry r do I try something new to get over. He was my best friend n lonely. I don't have anyone to tlk too w ho knws me n can understand me.


No shame in giving vent to your feelings - healthy in fact !!
Seeking new friends, talking it through with a bereavement counsellor (particularly an LGBT one) & spendin time in prayer to your heavenly father who knows your heart & your needs & wants to bless you - all these are available.... Hope & Healing to you Mark .


If your heart is hurting, let it out, get by the hurt and then you can be thankful of the good times you have had.


N tht's part of it. Ppl always think of the gd times. But whn I do those r the times tht hurt most. Remembering all the, the tlks about nothing really important r really deep. Having new things happen, gd r bad. The one person who's house u cn jst pop up n wait arnd if they're nt home. Borrowing n nt n a real rush to return. Whn Joey died I still had movies of his n he had things of mine I forgot he had. I jst wnt the pain to go away. It's been years n the hurt feels like yesterday. My who life has been one long string of pain starting frm the death of my mom when I was three. But out of all Joey hurts the most.


The thing I hate the most is, m don't get, is y I'm still here whn gd ppl n my world r gone. I'm nt a gd person. I haven't done anything to change the weld r make it a better place. I'm jst a fat slob, stupid, n totally unimportant. But these other ppl, Joey, mom dad, aunts, they where sweet warm cool. Don't wnt the pep tlk, jst pray for me. Pray I cn get through one more day