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Hola Readers! I am currently writing a story; I haven't decided whether it's a novel or short story yet, depends on how far I get; and this is the first time I'm actually showing parts of it to strangers. It is about a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead. I'd love some feedback!

Corey woke up and all he remembers is his face going numb and then everything going black. He was staring up at a pale, white ceiling. He looked over to the side and on a table was a thick layer of dust and a decaying apple. Corey slowly sat up and realised he was in a hospital; he reached for the call button but it wasn’t there, just a bundle of frayed wires attached to a cord. He pulled himself up off the bed but was so weak that he just fell to the cold floor. Corey looked around and he could not believe what he saw; dried blood everywhere and overturned furniture. He used all of his strength to pull himself to the washroom, and when he looked in the mirror, he did not see himself, he saw a skinny, dirty, and shaggy man. Not the built, and well kept man he remembered. How long had he been here? There were no sounds at all, not from the many machines in his room and not outside the window, nor in the hallway.


Corey limped to the door and creaked it open, but outside his door were piles of boxes and bloody sheets. There were no doctors, patients, or nurses. Where was everybody? And why was there blood everywhere? Maybe there was some lunatic who decided to shoot up the hospital. But then where were the cops? He did not hear any sirens, or see flashing lights.
Corey tried to call out for help but all that came out was a raspy whisper. He walked down the hall, over all the blood and broken glass, until he rounded a corner and saw many piled bodies in a room. They were all covered in blood and had a terrifying look etched onto their faces. What the fuck happened here? They all had injuries to their heads, some were even decapitated. He managed to force a small whisper, "holy fuck."


Sound good.
Is it free story? U should try blogspot.