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Notice: Dear friends and extended family, something you should know - The Gay Christian Network

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This coming Monday, I will be in surgery because I have been quietly aware that I may have had a cancer tumor for over a year now.

Although I had to go to 5 different providers before the last one actually diagnosed me with what I suspected for about a year, but the other 4 just called it a cyst and stated that they wouldn't treat or attempted to try to even biopsy it.

So I may be out of the loop for a bit. If you do not hear from me Tuesday, something went wrong or they've are keeping me in the hospital for a bit.

I do not want any of you to be sad for me, or to even pray that I get better, only that "God's will be done", something I have always tried to live my life by.

To trust, with out fear that no matter what may happen, my fate is in trusting in a higher power and loving Him no matter what.

I just felt that I should let you know, just in case.

I have loved being here and meeting many of you even when we have disagreed on issues facing the GLBTQ community, for that I thank you.

I hope to see you all something after the surgery and I will give you a update.


Well I hope that you make it I really do


Take heart I am sure u will be fine!

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