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Involvment with the LGBT spiritual sites - The Rainbow Lounge

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The LGBT UK NW Gays spiritual site is now renamed "UK and World Wide Spiritual Connections" to which each and every person is welcome to join in with and participate. The other spiritual related sites are still on line to which anyone of course can visit as they already have done.

We all have the same interests and knowledge about life after (physical) death. I have only just taken over this site as the last person in charge of the site who has left it and I would ask all who wish to join at no cost to read the ideas and messages on the site line to give you an idea of what it is I am doing and what I would expect back respect wisen etc. There is of course no charge for visiting and joining the site.

I do hope and pray that I can do this site the justice if deserves. Irrespective of age or religious persuasion you are all welcome to join in and participate with your views and experiences.

Best wishes and God bless you alll Leslie Lewis (Psychic Consultant)