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Call for Tristram Conclaves to contact me - Poetry Group

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DearTristram Conclaves

Can you contact me on lamedlamed@yahoo.co.uk and I will continue talking to you there as it will be just a private talk between us then. I think you will feel better on a one to one discussion.

Your doctor was very wrong in how he gave you the bad news and I can - as a spiritualist - assure you - your daughter still is living on - but on a higher level as her time on earth was obviously filled for what was needed at the time for her. Your daughter has now moved on to an advanced sphere and you WILL meet her again in time. Can you contact me on lamedlamed@yahoo.co.uk and we can have a one to one talk and if I can help or allay your fears and answer any questions you have to the best of my ability then I will.

I have been a practising psychic for over 25 years now and have now reached consultancy status in psychic awareness I don't know if you are a believer in the after life but I hope you are and if I can help do please contact me on line. Best wishes Leslie Lewis (Psychic Consultant).