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Over-Taxed - JUST FOR FUN

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A small boy needed $100.00 for something that he wanted very badly.
He prayed for weeks but no miracles happened, so finally he decided to write to God to get his $100.00

When the Canadian Postal Service received the letter addressed to th GOD OF CANADA, it was decided to send the letter to the Prime Minister. He found it so funny that he asked his secretary to send the little boy $5.00 saying that it would be good publicity to send this sum to the small boy.

When the boy received the envelope from "GOD" with the $5.00 inside, he decided to write back to "GOD".

"Dear God, thank you for sending me this money. However, I notice that the money passed through Ottawa, and those assholes took $95.00 in taxes."


Very funny! Loved this!


Ha,ha,ha,Vary,vary,good .............