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Acceptance of who or what we are - Get HAPPY

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One of the most tragic things in life is the gross intolerance of others - and it still goes on these modern days - especially the inability of others to acccept that some of us - not by choice by any means - are gay and have had to learn the hard way how to live with and accept our situation.

The word G.A.Y. can stand for or mean 'Good As You' - which we are and in many cases much better than others. As I said in my lectures on the religious gay sites this as a Spiritualist believe that gay is something we are for a reason and more important of all, a purpose even if yet we are not sure in every aspect of what that purpose is.

As long as we live our lives usefully, legally and pursposefully we NEVER EVER have to justify ourselves to others no matter who or what position in society they hold. One of our pursposes in life I believe is that as long as we are not over bearing, camp in the wrong places and remember as I have said on earlier occassions we give respect to others we as individuals can GAIN respect.

Negative comments by others about our sexuality can only be seen as based on fear through their ignorance or a fear of their own inhibitions about their own sexual preferences that they wish to 'run away from'. Aggressive comments from others in 99% of cases fall into this catagory and their fear covered by their aggression to us is the reason for it. We can only feel pity for them.

At least openess about ourselves - without flaunting it around - can hold us in good stead. We are NOT all child molesters or rapists despite what the ignorant few in society say or believe. A group called Armistead in Liverpool in fact travel around to lecture and teach people about the implications and involvements of being gay and I can only say that their work in educating others is of the most important work any gay group can do.

Our sexualilty that we been given is also to prove that basically we are NO different to any other human beings with the same gifts as any other hetrosexual person. We can use our experience in life to teach others
Leslie Lewis (Psychic Consultant)


leslie , i can understand what your try to say, but the way you have stated it is as if the LGBTQI community is in hiding and ashamed of what they are, sorry there not, rather the opposite, and recentely helped in catching a phaedophile in the states, also the 2 male rapists in manchester were caught because the gay community like the straight community dislike them intensly, also please remember that some of the kids in the past suffered abuse.
As for helping others , on facebook there is a page its called "coming out or showing support" many in the community on there are young and need help, not just on here, but in all the LGBT groups and organisations, homophobia & transphobia has to stop, and all get equal-marriage rights , then mabey we get a fair and equal society, at the moment its the churches in scotland that is fighting the gay community over equal marriage rights, even calling us nazis, a disgrace considering how many died i a war for freedom, and were gay.


Dear Christine Thank you for your views and I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I have to say that I do in fact agree with a lot that you say having come from a background incIuding self abuse myself in the past. I fully appreciate and respect all what you have said but views and opinions given do NOT have to always be nice and kind in order not to offend people.

I, unfortunately do tend my views and they are not ALWAYS what people want or would like to hear. Any professional critic (and I am NOT such I do admit) will speak as they find and it is only by criticism that people can be guided in what they say, write or act etc.. I have gone into this matter in detail on a previous occassion on Triond.com if I have not done so already on this site.

All I can say is that if criticism causes such hurt to people then people who don't like or are unwilling to accept criticism they are better off by not writing or performing at all. I am not 'getting' at you by any means as I have not even met you so there should be no reason why I should be distasteful to you in any way at all.

All I am doing is relating what criticism is about and this can involve good, bad, praiseworthy criticism or otherwise. Criticism is a good guide that serves as a guide on how to adjust if necessary one's work. Television and film critics are the worst if it is insults that are given out without feelings to the actors or writers emotions or efforts. Critics are there to point out the negative aspects as well.

Best Regards to you all Leslie Lewis (Psychic Consultant)


leslie you have your opinion, and i have mine and as long as no intent or hurt is intended to our community, i am happy with that, unfortunately though to many out there use arguments of the past and fundelmentalistic views which are corrupted, and want to inflict harm in the community, rather than unite all, they will split us up, and try to cause harm, but every effort by them and others on me is doomed to fail, i am what i am, and proud of it, not afraid of any of them, as what happen in the past to me and others thats private, and should be left alone, let sleeping dogs lie, as they say, have a nice day leslie.