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IF .... - Your WRITES

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Everyone has a different way to like someone or different ways on how to love. If she says she likes you , don't try to push her away , especially since you n her are lesbians , what is there to worry about ? If she tells you she likes you for a v long time , be thankful. It doesn't happen to many people. Then she starts to talk about what she wanna do w you. If she texts you , reply to her right away. If you runs out of credit , get a new card quickly. So you can tell her the words you wanna say like "I miss you so much". If she wants It to be official , n she tells you to be brave , she is there for you , do It for her. If anyone flirts w you , tell her you have a gf. And If your gf is a little jealous , how about see things in a different angle ? Isn't that cute ? She talks about her fav movies n her life. Be there n listen to her. If she is one who doesn't like to keep waiting b/c she is always the one who waits , so you will have to be there for her all the time. If she says she is busy , sent her a message or even text her n let her know that you are always gonna be hers. B/c she wants you to be hers , so you will have to stay faithful n loyal. If she is true , the only thing you can give her is your true heart. Whenever she comes , If she says "Hey , I gtg" Always tell her before she went off .. tell her the 3 words you have been meaning to say n If she said that to you first , you should be smiling. If she has a car accident before or hurt herself , text her n remind her that you care about her. If things happened , never blame her , don't get mad .. give her the blessings even If your heart is breaking n you're trying hard to breathe. Being true , is the best thing you are giving her .. So If you have someone you like , brave up yourself .. Step up n give her the surprises .. Wait for her even If she left all of a sudden n don't keep her waiting. For , you wanna give , is all your time .. n your love .. PS : Cheers to all the couples , new couples , n the singles ones , I wish everyone happily ever after .^_________________________^.


I would rather no say anything on this post...


I just want to say "this is wht the love call"


i prefer you to say ... "you miss me so much" ella is right the frst part is really for you my hunny .. be brave~~~~ AHAHHAHAHAHHA bleh