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Should I give up and stop hoping? - Get HAPPY

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I don't know what 'Happy' is for me now, I keep follow the flow and I hate my flow. I know "Ms. Lullaby' through a miss call,she became my first love and only last for 10years however she dumped me suddenly through sms when I was working outstation in Sydney. I came home and she was not there. That's why I not enjoying 'November Rain' as I like when I'm with her. From loyal I became so player. Since that I seeking my true love and on last year Oct I met some one from this site "Ms.Baby",who is good as my friend at beginning,but maybe being a couple is a bad decision for us. Cant deny that we attracted to each other sexually . She asked for commitment where I am not so ready. Afraid to lose love again, I said "YES". Again, a same reason I was busy with business and she nagged for a communication and long for a full attention from me. I thought I am friendly and playful around, she cannot negotiate with that and she found a date with some one new when we're ignoring each other. We can't refuse the attracted to each other... then we get back together,but not for so long... Suddenly last 2 months I knew a sad story about my 'ex,Ms.Lullaby' was diagnosis for a breast tumor or something. Suddenly remind me to what I've promised her 10 years ago to take care of her no matter what it is. I was shocked, sad, frustrated so I was making a stupid decision by sent sms to 'Ms.Baby' saying "I let you go cause I need to be alone". I gone for 2 months, drunk almost every nights, lose myself and forgot how to laugh. I found I need a help, where I am not good in pretending happy anymore. I cannot sleep every nights and try to hurt myself as I feel I hating myself. I feel ashame and guilty to both girls. I'm tired of running away from facts and my heart is so fragile. I don't know what to do, "Ms.Lullaby" is need me,"Ms.Baby" left without says goodbye. I guess here in my place there will no Sun,no Moon but I still hoping the rain to stop.


Should you give up hope?
I say never give up.
You may meet wonderful people and they may not be ready to be with you.
You may be everything they want but if they are not ready, you can't change that.
I am very settled but I have my issues as we all do, are you ready to deal with that?
Some love to party and go out all the time others are happy to stay home and have a cuddle.
I think if you learn to love who you are it's a good place to start and others will love you too.
I think we all have good inside us.
So don't give up find what makes you happy and when you are happy others will want to be with you.



Yes,i agree with what Carol is saying.

At the moment you are Pineing/greiveing all at the same time.
Please give your self some Time to your self,to this protest.

In a while,after alot of Crying,you will start to feel a little bit better.
Then when you reach this stage,then this is for you to start to
Like and to Love your self again.

Please,please, do not ever give up, as thing`s will get better,
in time...........
You have our 100% surport ........

And yes,you will be Happy again .......

Respect you Lot`s,...... Tommy lol xxx


Dear Carol & Tommy, I was so down for last couple weeks and now time to 'wake up' from the nightmare. I higly appreciate both of your advices and here I am finding my way back for happiness

I guess God love me that is why,during my tough moment, He make me 'meet' the most lovely people like you two~ Arigato Gozaimasu = Thank you so much!

Lots Of Love & Hugs!!!


I am pretty new to the gay scene and although I always felt love for other women, because of societies BS I always ended up with a men. And they too often hurt me.
A few years ago I met Renee’ Summers a dear and close friend, she spoke to me about being a Lesbian, (she was out and proud), soon I gave into my true feelings and slept with a woman. Crazy, I fell in love with her, only to get my heart broken. Then again and again was my heart broken. But I could always talk to Renee’ about what was happening, she would advise me so wisely, sadly she passed away from leukaemia, then through Renee’ I met Carol Wheeler, and we have become such GREAT lovers and especially GREAT friends. Our plan is to marry soon and spend the rest of our lives together. What I am saying to you, ALWAYS be true to your heart and a TRUE lover will come along soon……

Chin up sweetie and love and hugs



Let me add to what Carol,Tommy and Jilian has said,never give up on love,love is so beautiful,an example to that is Carol n Jilian.love yourself n true love will come your way


i agree with everyone,not long ago i was in a serious relationship and for 8 months i was walking on air then suddenly she ripped my heart out and delighted in showing it to me if i'd given up then my life would have been a lot more miserable and i'd be without my sarah who put me back together with friendship and now love
remember you have to risk your heart or you'll never know the joy of someone giving you theres

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