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A letter or a poem is better ? - Your WRITES

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Sitting here , thinking.. About things that happen lately , to others to myself. What are efforts ? What's your definition for that ? What about being thoughtful ? Recently I have a friend , she is happy to be going on a date on a beautiful weekend , can you imagine ? Lets not talk about hopes , but It's something you or everyone is looking forward to. Sometimes a date is just a friendly date .. And why is that so difficult that you can't text her (yourself) to tell her you're not going n she waited for 2 hours.

Sometimes , I go out w Ice. I know If she sets like 2 pm lol that means she will get ready by 2 pm n reach the destination about 230 or worse 3 pm n I m there fuming :') lol I mean you set the time to meet so why can't you make n effort to be punctual ? Besides she stays just a 15mins away from the place we're meeting :') n I have to take a train down , like a half n hour trip or so .....

Then another friend , she was so upset that those who offered help but yet ends up not helping at all n ......... why is that ? What is wrong ? You offered to help so help , you don't have to put in 150% of efforts , just a thought that counts.

Responsibility ... Sincerity ..... n Honesty .... seem all are disappearing from people nowadays. And mouths that talk but the heart is totally not doing , please cut these crap n don't make others miserable .. If you cannot fulfill , then please shut up n leave that person alone. If you can't help , then don't even bother to offer help.

Lemme tell you this .. If you are not interested in making friends , then I will suggest you not to .. some really got the habit to set the date but don't show up. For me , I m kinda forward n I m sorry .. I said so m not keen for meet up sessions , I don't go on cam cam , at least I m being honest. But If you do have anymore doubts , I can't beg you to trust me either. It is up to you to accept or you don't but lemme remind you these .. There are people who really keen to make friends w you n wanna talk to you b/c no one likes to be alone. I guess we are all trying not to be alone in certain ways.

I told Ice about the importance of being punctual. I don't force anyone to change though. And you can't stop yourself being you. Treat people like people , show some respect. At least make n effort to text her If you're late , or If you 're not able to make It for today's date. If you're not keen , then just say so .. Waiting for someone is not something you can be happy about. Have you thought about her ? 2 hours ... she could have been watching a movie w you. She could have sit there w your accompany n share about things in each others' lives.

I wrote this out of anger lol .. I m angry that the person makes my friend waited for 2 hours n not showing up. Is It really that hard to text her or let her know you cannot make It ?

When I close my eyes to do meditation , I start to think .. alot.. Things around me n things around people that I come to know. And yet I can't give anything or do anything about It. But I listen. Just like my friend , she listened to me .. When I start to rant :P lol I mean I talk a lot to those that I really love to talk to .. n when I receive any replies , any messages , I can tell you tbh , I m really thankful..

And also today , I receive a postage. It's something I thought I will never get a chance to watch since I m caged in this city lol .. I m really happy. I text her right away to show how thankful I m .. And the moment I got home , I really had a great laugh which I always wanted to have is just a laugh. Even If m watching by myself , I m contented.

Look .. It is about making efforts to people that you wanna be friends w. Even when you meet a girl , your life , in future or now .. You will have to make these efforts. Being thoughtful is also a way of being sweet. If you're going out w your friends n you gonna be late , tell her .. You are not waiting for her to call you , are you ? When you're the one who is being late. Is that too much to ask for ? Or being responsible is not you ? Then Is It time you make some reflects n ask yourself .. Would you like to be treated that way ? Oh of course things is not gonna happen now though .. But you will not know what's gonna happen next in your life. But in life , It is not just all about yourself .. You don't have to be Mother Theresa or no one is telling you , to be 150% perfect ..

Oh lol talking about percentage .. how many of us think the same btw ? Percentage is gimmick lol People get into serious things like a 200 % , but many are heartbroken which exceed 200% (If you know what I mean) ..

Each time , when I see a broken heart .. It's okay If you don't trust me , I m also not implying you to be someone like me . the purpose of writing this , well I only got writings to say what I want to say .. Since you can't hear me anyways :P lol EAch time I see sadness going on , my heart is almost wanting to reach out to find a way to help , I m not that perfect either so I come up w a little funny incidents that happen in life so that I m not the only one who gets to laugh. If someone out there doesn't like a laugh (lol) O_omg ! I really don't believe but there might really be someone like that though lol .. I mean everyone is different. We all have different personalities , different characteristics , different dreams , different lives , different family background , different cultures .. But for me , I want a laugh n be positive n also be happy n If I see you happy , I m more happier .. But If I see you sad , I m too but I will find some ways to make you have a laugh w me ..

Ella x^________________________________^x

PS : I must clarify again lol I m just writing a letter to relieve my own thoughts ..


aww xxxxxx


Sorry about the length of this letter lol I first wanted to start w poem but I realize It can't lol I'll definitely keep typing :P lol

Hannah , thanks for taking the time to read .. Loads of thanks Adele xx


Dates are always so fun.Until someone calls it off. That fucking ruins the person whole day or weekend too. I very much agree with you Ella. Why can't people just call or text if they can't make it or if they are late. I won't call my self very punctual because i too always get late even though i get ready on time,but i only do that when i am meeting my best friends and they know we well so they don't mind but yea i always do make it a point to call them.

I personally feel if you want to get to know someone make an effort to. Just by saying nothing happens we also need to prove it at times, don't need to do something great to prove your friendship, just by being there for your friend during their good and bad times says it all that you truly care for that person.

In short Treat a human just the way you would want to be treated and see how happy it makes you feel inside. :-) You will be smiling the whole day :-)


I just hope to make some realize being friends or being on dates , learn the value of time .. Time is so precious.. Or anyone can say I m serious , I don't deny. I m never calculative or being particular to my best friends .. But they always got me waiting too lol As far as m concerned , no one has ever cancel the date though .. Happen just that one time , but It's over .. I once waited for like 2 hour plus too lol .. It's kinda frustrating to just waiting. But after awhile Ice knows how to cool me down lol .. See ? Food or ice cream :P lol I m so easily contented lol

Some neglect the values for others when they only think about themselves. In life , sometimes people just need to be reminded , It is not just about being yourself. If only people learn to see , learn to feel , learn to love .. things could make a big difference.


I so love that last sentence of what you wrote. Its 100% true. Things would indeed be so different if people just learn to treat others better with love,respect


I am glad you wrote this letter :-)


I'll be writing a new article tonight when I got home from work Look forward to It .. but It's a pretty heavy one. I couldn't sleep but couldn't help thinking for them .. You will know It tonight.


Very much looking forward to reading it. So does this means no coming on chat today ?

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