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Aphrodite, I am standing in the sand
Clutching my hands, praying—

As she is born in white clam flesh, as pure
as the shell that opened like a womb,
And gave birth to you,

Aphrodite, she is nestled in a tempest tide
and her hair is made of golden rays.

I smell the lily. I stroke its velvety canals,
And like a bee, I open my mouth
to juicy nectar.

Aphrodite, I have let the fires burn,
in turn, I have accepted my
need for her.

I drink my sorrows, I indulge in her skin,
I let every part of me fade, deep into the waves
where the sea spat her out.

Aphrodite, we are made of the same rib,
Soft, tender, pink rosebuds.
The colour of our lips.

Aphrodite, I am sure to wane without her,
Time is cut short when you love—

We touch the shattered waters,
Staring pensively at the fractured mirror,
It is nearly all gone

my heart’s painful endeavour,
To be with her and only her

Aphrodite, we have sealed our fates,
We will gloomily await

as the sun begins to fade.
Swallowed gradually,
By the dying day.

Your curse, Aphrodite—
To show me love and then to
take it.

She shoots a parting glance
at the world she is leaving behind.

She dives into the waves, ready
to turn into the soft foam of the place,
From whence she had come.

Grace, she is now the whitecaps of
the swelling sea.


Beautiful work! Finely crafted images and poetic story let me see what is in your mind.

I, too, know what it feels like to be left behind and alone on one of life's beaches: to mourn alone on the hot sand, amid the dark seaweed I hadn't noticed before, looking out to a deep sea--- with the hot sun's rays warming me unkindly to reality, making me squint in a light too bright for a time of mourning........


Awww thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :-) yeah a bright beach is a bit of a strange scene for losing someone, but I figured it can be a happy place to remember your loved one by...


Your poem is a beautiful work of the poetic art !

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