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I live on the cutting edge
not the yuppie fast lane
of haute cuisine and condos,
but the breakdown lane,
a life of gangbanging,
drug dealing, whorehopping,
crack smoking hell.

The edge I live on
cuts between the affluent haves
in safe neighborhoods
and the neighborhoods
that have been busted
block by block
into grinding crime
and poverty.

I live in those few,
precious blocks,
still safe
but ready to fall
into urban decay.
I hope I won't
be trapped when
my block is busted,
to become
just another victim
allowed only to live
just enough
for the capitalist system
drownding is poverty and crime
while the politicians, police,
businessman, yuppies and Brahmins
ignore the cancer
even as it approaches
their very own doorsteps.

They can afford t leave
they don't have to stay.
It is my people
left to suffer.
It is my people
who'll pay for
yuppie avarice,
police corruption,
Brahmin arrogance,
political warchests,
corporate sefishness
as wee drown
in urban abandonment
among the ruins.


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Hi Tristram ,

It is really nice to have you open up n share w us , where you're staying through poems. Keep coming on your writings n I'll try keep up b/c I enjoy reading x^_________________________^x

Thank You....

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