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Who do they care? - Get HAPPY

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OK this is a little naughty but what the F lol
Who cares who F*cked who?
As long as you smile it's so worth posting this.
Let me know if you want more naughtiness here.


Damn i can't watch vids on my mobile. But careful Carol, I hear on the grapevine that the Fun Police are on duty! Would'nt want to see you in handcuffs. Oh no, that would be totally heinous


WOW Carol, That was Fantastic, One of the best Vid's i have ever seen, it had me rolling with Laughter, Please Ppl have a look at this, it's Brill, Tanx again Carol it really made my day. hahahaha, it's great.


That was awesome, thanks for sharing


I think there are worse people than the fun people there are those who come into your life and tell you how bad it is and you really need help and it is time to let someone in and help because everyone gets to that point in life when they need someone to help.
So you say OK and they march through your house and say oh so much needs doing and what I have done is a good start and they would be happy to help.
Then comes the silence after waiting I ring and ask so what is happening about the help I am getting?
This is when I get the sorry we can't help you now.
Ok so I just say Ok thanks but then I go away and cry and have a little too much to drink and get angry.
Then I get passed the "Oh shit" to the "Fuck it"
and this is where you know you just have to step up and say FUCK IT I can do this and last night was was going through the "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrs"
So when I got to the fuck it and have a laugh that's when I posted that video.
I don't think the fun police will mind as it was on youtube and if youtube has it up it's not too bad.
I hope some got a laugh from it too.
Sorry for my rant.


Yes Carol,
I just Loughed my Sock`s off when i saw this.

It`s Vary,vary,lively,and lookes liked like a lot of fun
to do. No i don`t mind this type of thing al all.

Becouse it`s a bit of fun .............. lol xxx

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