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Thanks to whoever created this group. - Get HAPPY

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As I see it, we do not need to "get happy", the truth of who we are, just as ourselves, already Is HAPPY. We can live in our own natural happiness when stay true to our own authentic flow, rather than trying to fit some external model of the "right way to be." I am the most happy when I just keep saying YES to my own inner directions. Life is awesome on our own terms!


I agree, Bruce!


I guess that's me hehe
So be nice or blame me... when I joined this site I noticed a lot on here were sad about something and I can't shake people so I just tried to help by setting this group up. I even got some saying how dare you try to tell me to be happy but I don't give up that easy and it is still going today and it is growing.
Go with the flow and relax stop trying to make others happy and just be yourself and do little things that make you happy.
No matter how hard you try you can't make everyone happy so just be true to yourself.
Thank you for joining in and sharing your thoughts.


Yes there are alot of vary happy people on this site,( i am one ) but
on the other hand,there are also alot of people,who are
lost and have forgot,how to be Happy. This is a vary sad fact,
But with a good Group like this one,then there is Hope,for other`s
on this site to get the HAPPY BUG,just like us .........
( Thank you Carol )
Tommy lol xxxx


really girls, i would have thought that some scottish banter would have been on here, or other jokes, it all good being happy, but you need to share it with all on here, he he, lol hugs & kisses hun xxx


Christine you just got yourself the job.
Now make us laugh lol


this is bloody awful forgotten how to cut copy and paste, dont worry i will remember soon enough, if they want they can see the stuff on my timeline the now.


I think happiness really is just a state of mind.
We can be happy with the way things are untill some well meaning people come along and tell you
that you have it hard and things can be better but then they promise to help you and then say oh sorry we can't help you now.
Which just makes you think "Oh shit now what?"
But before they came along everything was ok.
So we have to learn to make the most of what we have.
We can do that.

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