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6 months! - Gay Guys! <3

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Today 30th September 2012 marks my 6 months anniversary with my boyfriend Ben.
It's been a brilliant 6 months, full of fun, excitement, drama, laughs, tears even touching moments that I will cherish forever, I can only hope that things last forever and that my memories will only grow bigger giving me greater memories and I'm hoping I'll have a great relationship with him, I hope this relationship is my last but by saying that I mean by being my last it is the relationship that will never end and we'll stay together forever and will never leave each others side, I am smitten with him, my boyfriend, Ben!
30/03/12 - Present

I can't wait to see what else life has in store for us!
6 months! And and amazing 6 months it's been!


richard and ben

i hope your lives grow together

yesterday was the anniversary of being with my boyfriend/lover/partner of 32 years ... and i hope you two make that and more... good luck and happiness

jerry we are in palm springs, ca usa come visit on your one year together!


CONGRATULATIONS! Richard and Ben. It sounds like you were made for each other. Just keep the lines of communication open with each other at all times and you'll be fine. What an exciting time for you both.


Awww congrats Richard + Ben, so cute.. hope it all works out for you!




Tanx Richard, i am really delighted for the both of ye, here's 2 the Rest Ot Your Live's Together.


Hi Richard :-)))
So happy things are going great for you & Ben - hope it continues & both your dreams come true.
I'm a bit down just now - I tried :-(
Take care of each other -
Have fun!


Hi Marcus, i hope thing's Lift for u soon.


Congratulations. If you both work at it, (giving a little, taking a little) your partnership should last a lifetime. Best to you both!


Cheers to you and Ben! May you never part.


Chud I hope it lasts forever, you deserve some real good times.

Drew went off to Uni today, I just got back. I'm gonna miss him and feeling a bit down. You have a great 6 months celebration and I hope the next six months, six years and six decades will be even better for you both

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