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Not that far - Your WRITES

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I stand where I believe is a puddle of water
This is something I believe to still have her

I easily move around to make little waves
Smiling in my heart, I am lost in a sweet daze

Slowly moving down to feel something
This made my heart stop suddenly

It was not water I have felt
For there was blood, coming from below the belt

Reality hit me, hit me hard
I never was that far

Two weeks in and had to let go
Could not let a belly show

I gave myself no choice
Could not hear my baby's voice

I hear her in my heart
"Why mommy? I wanted a start"

I never thought this would hurt
I feel lower than dirt

May my little one Rest In Peace
One thing I ask, forgive mommy please


How sweetly sad. Now you need to forgive yourself and grieve whenever the feeling hits you. I lost a child to crib death and still feel it on a daily basis, and that was 38 years ago. Mourn, send good thoughts into the universe and fondly remember that what is, is and happened for a reason.


Beautiful Amanda :-)


Amanda dear,such a lovely expression of love, this can inspire and i think it comes more deeper than the heart. Lots of hugs and thoughts. Susan. xxxx


Amanda , I like your inspiration on two lines poem It is beautiful , though the sadness is there ..

But It is really a beautiful work .. I can't wait for your next one .. xx

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