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The Vampire Wedding, a gay novel from Bonn - Your WRITES

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What if? Always a juicy thought, imagining the possibilities. Could it? Really? My attempt at being an author is almost finished.

In the winter of 2011, I had the pleasure of going to the movies with some friends. My usual movie theater, the Kinopolis in Bad Godesberg, was showing the Twilight series. The sterilely pure world of virgin teens, eternally pubescent and yearning for their one true love. A tear-jerker without rival. Psst…don’t tell anyone, but I have all the books from the series and even the audiobooks for the car.

So there we sat in the movie theater, us boys, and – I admit it – I enjoyed the film. Even if it was one cliché after another. Everyone wants to dream sometimes, give oneself over to fantasies completely unrelated to reality. Absolutely fine, I do it too. And if I didn’t there wouldn’t be this book which I’ve been writing for the past four months and torturing my partner with it as well.

There we sat, surrounded by about 350 girls (and women) ranging in age from 14 to 30 as well as a few frowning boys who must have been there as penance for their crimes. Whatever the case, the boys had come, and not only that, they had to listen to the groans of their girlfriend. Hormones at work in their purest form.

I suspect that it was probably for one of the following crimes that they had to do their penance:

Did not clean their shoes off.
Did not take out the garbage
Soccer-orgy in the living room.
Forgot to clean the rest of the mammoth out of the cave after the last hunt.

A collective groan from the fair damsels went through the room each time the two male protagonists of the film roared onto the screen, steel hard with testosterone. “He’s so cute!” could be heard time and again. After the film they stood in groups talking about it. The standard questions: which actor was more attractive? Which one did one want to..? …if at all? The looks and reactions of the boys as they stood next to their girlfriends and talked was funny beyond words.

“But seriously, what do they have that we don’t?”

The poor boys stood there speechless, suffering visibly. So if a woman ever comes and tells me that masculine qualities like a muscle hard body, being good looking and all other popular characteristics play no role in their search for the future father of their children, I’ll just smile to myself and remember Alice Schwarzer. About a century of emancipation went down the drain with the Twighlight series. Ha!!!

Afterward we sat drinking cocktails in Limao thinking about what it would be like if a gay Vampire with an immigrant background landed in Bonn and wanted to study there after one or two members of his family appeared. The ideas brewed for a few weeks and then came a couple chapters and outlines which I sent to several publishers. Just like that. I was having fun writing and developing these characters.

Then the Himmelstürmer press in Hamburg decided to accept my proposal. The proposal has become a 500 page novel which will appear in the fall.

As Dr. Klöbner of the Bonn Bureau for Military Science states in the book so well: “we Germans are rather open to new things, most of all when it is a car, cellphone, camera or something else related to recreation. There’s even an immigrant’s conference for Karneval, not to mention the Pink conference and Christopher Street Day. At the same time we tolerate Cardinal Meisner, the FDP, hedge funds and investment bankers. We should have room for a few real blood-suckers. At least as long as they don’t put the citizens on the menu.

On that note, I hope that you have as much fun reading this book as I did writing it. Tne novel will be published at first in german and in spring 2013 in english. The website about the book is fully available in english and other languages like spanish and french.

See more on http://the-vampire-wedding.com/

Greets, Hagen

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