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For her, JDC forever! - Your WRITES

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Oh Pretty honey,
you're so forever young,
gone so quickly, gone so soon,
baby, didn't you know,
that look in your eyes, that smile on your face,
sweet girl, I knew, I saw that sadden look you so well to hide,

four weeks your gone
oh we know, you'll forever be gone from this place, but in hearts that's where you stand a new,
I wanna hug, I wanna whisper in your ear, tell you all things you don't wanna hear
hmhm yeah!

Now I sit here writing this Yeah you know its for you,
as you watch from heaven above,
do you see all the ones you love, do you see us crying, do you see us laughing, do you see the hurt, the pain,

yeah sweet girl the tears, everything from happiness to sadness
sometimes I don't know what to do.. how much I can take then I remember the love and happiness you had for us all.

You're gone but not forgotten,
It's not too late for me, no its never going to be to late for me,
I'm going to make it through.. Do you see me doing better...

This is for you.. I'm doing better honey, I'm coping a little better everyday, but even without you yeah it's hard, loosing someone who means alot to me, you were are and always will be my bestfriend..

Jessica Dawn Crewdson, 16.04.1992 - 26.08.2012, you mean the world to me baby girl, FOREVER IN MY HEART

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

so I know I haven't written anything for a while, but I've had things happening, n today marks 3 weeks n 5 days since my bestfriend died and Yeah. This is for her.


To : Dearest Jessica

Well , I guess I should say Hi , you can hear me , don't you ? I m Becs new friend. I don't know her like you do for years .. I wish I could have known you n Becs earlier .. Sorry to enter your life n Becs life so late. Do you know ? Actually I m sure you know .. Becs has always been such a sweetheart n also she is always strong n brave , I wish I could be like her .. Well I should be ashamed of myself Jessica .. (hahaha) Becs ... is such a loyal friend to you all along n you know that too , she loves you so much that she is carrying on to pass your love all around .. We feel her n you feel her too , I believe.

I forgot to mention my name , but I will let Becs tell you instead .. Anyways , you must have read this Jessica , she wrote more than one for you ..Now that you are in Heavens , bless Becs Becs .. Bless those who love you from the bottom of their hearts , like they are keeping you n lovng you ..

Jessica , someday , when you become a butterfly , I m sure you're the most beautiful one that will stay by Becs .. And before you fly away , lay by her shoulder ..

And this is the first time , I m writing to you too.. Thank you for being there for Becs before we all do.

You are seeing the entire world , Jessica .. Look at Becs .. ain't you proud of her too x^___________________^x


Aw sweetie, : Babe that was Ella, she's been an amazing friend to me, Cruiser she;s like a mum/friend together, sometimes I feel like you we're the only one that understood me cruiser but now that I have Ella Oh and shabrapova lol they get me . They're amazing, but in a different way to you, no one could ever replace you!.

I love you Cruiser (me and Emily (another friend of ours) called her that)

Ella, thankyou for that, m sure cruiser read and laughed at my silliness for writing it (in a good way), It means the most to me that you and shabs never miss anything that I write.


And she is back with some beautiful writing . Been waiting since long :-)

Extremely proud of you my Becky. Jess is sure having a beautiful smile on her face while she sees you writing this letter to her. For sure each second of each day she is looking at you and will make sure you have a smile on your face always. :-) Rock on Becky your my rock star :-) heheh



What a tender and powerful statement over the loss of your best friend. I could feel the swirling emotions that you have been dealing with and dedicated to Jess.

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