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Life sometimes can be really funny
If you actually close your eyes for a minute
I m not telling you to fall asleep (lol)
I just want you to think
About funny moments in your journey
And those beautiful , sweetest memories
I once worked in a movie theatre
Selling tickets like hours
It's a weekend , so It's crowded
So there is this Uncle
He's by himself , getting 2 tickets
Ella : Hi Good Evening , Sir
Uncle : I need that tickets (pointing to the poster)
That one , I want 2 tickets to Kong King

Ella : (trying to control my laughter but my 2 colleagues are already bursting into loud laughs) Sir , sorry .. But that is King Kong , not Kong King ..

So the Uncle explained : (to my 2 colleagues) You both should learn from this young girl .. She is so professional n not laughing .. Tsk tsk tsk , the 2 of you laugh like no manners at all .. In my generation the reading starts from the back.

Ella : Thank You , Sir .. Enjoy your movie.

After the conversation ended
I put a sign on my counter
And I went straight to my locker
I couldn't control my laughter

Til now , this funny incident
Still makes me laugh for some reasons
Later , I came to know this customer
He is always on his own , but getting 2 seaters
I told him , "Sir , you can actually get one ticket ,
don't have to splurge for another "
He said he has always been a loner
Ever since that Kong King incident (actually when m typing m laughing lol)
He likes to have a small chat w me
So he asked about the time I finished (work)
So together we can watch a movie
I turned down his offer
And told him , I m so sorry
He said "Well , I don't think anyone would wanna have a movie w n old man"
So I explained " I wish I could , but I have my work n professionalism to stick to"
He went on n said "That is why I like to come to your counter"
So I said "Thank You , I m v honored"
After you open your eyes ,
Sometimes having a good laugh
Isn't It better than a good cry ?

PS : Thanks for reading .. Hope this makes you laugh ..


lolzzzzzzzzzzz Kong KIng i totally remember you telling becky and me this on the main chat a few weeks ago. i was rolling on the floor laughing lolz


Yeah , each time I talk about Kong King no matter how many times , I can still laugh about It lol

These days there have been words that are mixed up causing a little stir , like a guy say that to the girl , he meant to compliment on the dimples , wonder what the hell he was thinking lol Turns out to be "I love your nipples , they are cute" hahahahahahhaahaa ..

A guy text me once , he meant to tell me he is having constipation ... Make a guess ? O_omg lol He says he is having masturbation hahahahaahhaha Wonder If he is really having constipation lol O_o IDC , I told him I don't even wanna know ... He was an ex staff of mine who used to work for me lol .. I was so bloody shock to receive that message n lecture him for a day lol

There's a merchandise in Singapore called "Ripples" too. The girl next to me , she suddenly blurt , "Ella , I can't find the nipples" hahahahhahhahahaaa .. I was drinking my coffee n she makes me choked on my own cup of brew lol She was sooooo embarrassed n asked to change to the other level of the office XD

So for me , sometimes life could really be hilarious , I m sure I m not the only one who have heard many words errors in humans .. I guess human errors are cute sometimes lol


hahaha, i love slip of the tongues!!!

I once said drama queen instead of a drag queen, and almost pissed my friend off! hehehe

you are such a writer, Ella! lovin' ya piece

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