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new consept for fiction novel - Your WRITES

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hi guys id like your views on the idea of a new fiction novel im about to write

Its a story about a race of six armed short people called the Avetons who due to their six arms are extremely stong and for that reason are favoured as slaves for humans. The main character is an Aveton called Podd who as he grows from a young slave boy realises that its only the amount of technology and the amount human numbers that is stopping his people from raising up and gaining freedom.

Thats how far ive got in the storyboarding so far but i was wondering what you guys thought about the consept


I guess it depends on how you handle it, but from your short description the plot seems very straightforward, basic, and sadly overused ( no offense ), You run the risk of making your story predictable, which to me at least is boring. Many movies these days use the same formula and just change the specifics. It's the same story pretty much. The ones that use a completely different formula are the ones that are more interesting. Maybe the rebellion fails or doesn't even happen, the protagonist gets jailed or flees, and while incarcerated or on his own, learns to influence things in other ways [ a "thieves guild", building his own city and defending it, gaining influence and wealth to buy/coerce the political landscape (perhaps using a human medium), perhaps a mix of all of these or whatever else you can come up with. ]. That's my 2 cents anyways. Use it or not however you wish.


I would need a little more details to say more but it seems quite trivial... I can see some type of uprising from the slavery. Maybe you can throw in something like another main character that is a human or an Aventon that is held high in another city or kingdom that never felt the force of slavery but is now being forced to live in the grim and muck of the lower city. Going off of a suggestion made by Natalie, you could have the uprising fail and it somehow hit the second main character who frees Podd. You could throw in an ancient and lost race, perhaps avian, that would be sought out by the two. Along the way there could be a romance which always can entice readers, especially if its a forbidden romance. This could bring about allot of chaos and many different plot twist that you could explore, and possibly even a sequel. Try to get readers of all types of books. Encase I don't notice you updating you can always inbox me, I have many ideas as I am an inspiring story writer myself but I'm a graphic novelist (w/o the drawing abilities) so feel free to ask me anymore questions.


Dear Mark Brown

I don't know if you read my previous tips on writing so I won't go into long dialogue about it as it already written on site

Threre are four main aspects to writing that I can suggest and I am by no means successful at writing but I AM a bit experienced in the way it works.

1) The main thing is to be able to accept comments from people GOOD OR
BAD as it is by those comments you will learn and find out what people
want to or like to read. You can then write accordingly

2) Study and learn how to use the English language correctly as potential
publisheres will simply NOT look at work that is badly presented, very badly
spelt (so ALWAYS use your spellchecker working and use it to check over
your work AND have a dictionary by your side to refer to when it is needed)
boring, intimidating, insulting or libellous

3) Make your work interesting and above all FEASABLE if your are writing
novels in order to attract readers. In either case do your research first as
that is most important as even made up stories have to be at least feasable.

4) It will do no harm whatsoever to go to a library and study books on how to
write and be a success. Successful writing is massively difficult and
success is NEVER EVER with a gauranteed successful result. I write for
pure enjoyment and I do not have any illusions whatsoever in writing
anything and becoming a millionaire in a week or so. Just write for the
pure enjoyment of it. I have been writing poetry for years - I love doing it but
if I were to depend on any income from it I would have long ago ended
up in a mental home. When I need money I do my psychic consultancy
work that I know I am proficient and professsional at so I NEVER depend
on just one source of income. Good luck and be thick skinned at all times
when it comes to receiving critisism as it is NOT personal against you..

There are a lot more important points and tips of course which again as I have said are in books in the library that give you good tips that will help you.
I wish you good luck with your idea and if you still feel dedicated to writing seriously may I suggest your next move is to borrow books from a library to give you an idea at least how to start writing correctly with a view to being a success at at..


thanks guys i know the overall thing seemed a little vague as i was mainly the consept i was unsure of rather than the whole story i didnt ask about the whole story but apreciate your views.Just incase you guys wanted to know i have written several fantasies before none finished but i do have experience writing sorry if that makes me sound like im getting at a few comments i really honestly truthily appreciate every view and apogize if you think i am getting at you

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