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The gift of being able to get the best advantages from writing. - Your WRITES

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Have you ever thought that the ability to write - be it in a poetic form or just some other interesting item - is a wonderful form of self expression? I found this from a very early age when I started as a young child writing very simple poetry how I could release my inner feelings or frustrations (whatever they were at the time)

Over the years I have come to really be on the point of obsession with writing, later on finding that I could compose lines that may be able to be used for songs and music. I have not been so lucky with getting work published but I am still dedicated to writing and self expression. I was lucky with being taught how to type with my nine fingers and thumb years ago which does speed things up a lot for me. The dedicated writer could also learn a lot from books written on how to write etc.

These gay.com sites are to me most valuable for these purposes and this is why I get extremely annoyed (perhaps a little narrow minded) when in my opinion people abuse these sites which the dedicated writers really value.