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Survivor - Your WRITES

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I know now I love you more than I have ever loved before
you took on this world and you fought your battles
and you are still here
They thought cancer would take you and many said goodbye
but here you still are
stronger and braver than before
They told you that you would die
but here you are well once more

I see a bright future for you
and I see you smile back
and wink at me as if to say
don't tell but I have more surprises on the way

it's coming soon but keep the secret
don't let them in
remember how you got no help from them
well now you know you didn't need it
you know how to fight
but you know how to love more
so go now with your head up high
open that new door

walk out into your brand new day
the pain is no more it has all gone away.


I take it that you Carol Wheeler wrote this poem. I like it very much and it should help inspire those who are struggling with the presence of cancer whether it is with themselves or someone who is close to them. . One of the most frightening and unsettling facts of life is that of having cancer. As a survivor of it (for now anyway) I can say that it certainly makes you look at life from a far different perspective.

The fact someone suffers with cancer or the big 'C' as it is often referred to (I prefer to call it what it is - it is a thing that nobody can run away from) does NOT mean one can't live with it or that it cannot ever be cured.

I think bieng a believer in the existance of life after death (as we know it to be) helped me - especially when I was told in 1972 (or there abouts) when I was diagnosed with cancer and given only two to three years to live. Doctors and speciallists are not always right and I am still here on earth to prove that fact. SO DO ENJOY LIFE . We will all meet again at some time in the future.


The human spirit is a wonderful thing Leslie and yes I wrote this to me lol something a bit different I know.
I'll let you in on a secret I was told I only had 5% chance of beating this and yet I am still here I too found comfort in the thought that the world would end in 2012 so I thought well I'll stick around and see what happens.
But now I believe it won't be the end of the world but it will be the end of the world as we know it.
The world is a changing place and my life has changed so much in the last ten years and I am really to start a new not really really to enter the vortex quite yet.
I am not scared of dying now I have found peace with myself it's others that I sometimes have a problem with lol.
I know we come into this world alone and we go alone if we make the best of things while we are here.
Try to be happy and help others along the way that is the best we can do.
We we just spirits in this material world for a short time.
I also believe we are here to live, love and learn along the way.


Hi Carol
Thanks for your e-mail I think as we all progress in our own ways we can see by means of our personal trials and tribulations far more than most people can and our experiences are great teachers to us all.

Spiritual teaching really helps a lot and in my living room I have got 'Footprints' and 'Desideratta' proudly on the walls. If you have not got them I can honestly recommend them to you. You can get copies of them and frame them if you want but if you have any difficulty geting them let me know and I will get copies sent to you somewhere. You should be able to get some information about getting copies of them from your local spiritualists' church. Best Wishes Leslie

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