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Over you - Your WRITES

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Sometimes I think I care way too much.
Then I get that slap in the face the reminds me
and makes me rememeber people just don't care anymore.
So why do I?

You know that bitter taste in your mouth
that sick feeling in your stomach.
When you just want to say "fuck you"
But no I hold it in and just walk away.
Knowing there won't be a next time.
So don't bother to ask me for any favors
Don't waste your time because I won't be wasting mine.

I will speak no more of this
but know, I won't forget it
So I wish you well
and your foolishness I won't tell

I thought you were my friend
I guess this is where the friendship ends
Oh I will still be pleasant to you
but now I have seen right through you

As always I'll be fine
and maybe I won't waste so much of my time
But caring is what I do
but no more will it be for you.


Carol , Idk what happen but hopefully we can sit down n have a chat ? Here for you , my dear .. Not know how to continue but I try lol

All along , you have been so caring
Don't stop ! Do you hear your heart saying ?
I don't know who caused you so unhappy
If you don't mind , you can tell me

Time is never wasted
B/c you are always concern
This is how you show your love
For every each person
Maybe she / he is having a bad day
Sometimes some are waiting for their pay (LOL)

The love in you
Has always been true
That is how others see in you

The smile in your pictures
The fun you have always given
The poems you have written
Shows that you are such a warm person
Let time be the healer
Let us be your laughter
Let me give you a cuddle :P


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