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Sad girl with a camera - Your WRITES

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I just thought I'd share a friends poem
it's lonely and sad
but I think we all have days like these.

Sad girl with a camera

Taking pictures of a sad face
Feel like I am losing the race
Snaps of black and white
I want things alright

Focusing my lens
Looking at the mirror pictures it sends
Depression abrupt
Causes feelings to erupt
Sad face
My mouth needs a lace

Messed up hair
Do you wanna stare?
Black shirt
Dark hurt
Sensual feelings
Fucked up dealings

Click I shoot the picture
Dark face I see
Who am I to be?
Sensual feelings
Fucked up dealings

Morbid obsessions
Wild aggressions
Hanging back a little
My body feels so brittle
Fucked up feelings
Lost in sensual dealings

Girl with a camera
Looking forward
But seeing backwards
Images appear
Wonder if I am really here
Mindless feelings
Fucked up dealings


So beautifully written and such deep emotions. Truly loved reading it

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