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Are we all gay and happy or or just gay and bitchy ? - The Rainbow Lounge

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Is it not possible for any of us at all to have a difference of opinions or discuss things sensibly without the need to be bitchy towards one another? I am a gay man and like every other gay person had to fight the negativities of life with being gay and as a means of survival. Having to overcome the Ignorace of parents, relatives and strangers towards our sexual orientations in so many cases as far as I am concerned were bestowed upon us all for a reason and not that was something out of our personal choice prior to conception. I suppose it is a case iof whether we as individuals belive in predestination which comes into the realms of reincarnation and as a Spiritualist Medium I do fully believe in and concur with the teachings of it all

What I am trying to say is that whatever the reasons - rightly or wrongly - we are gay, on this earth and put here on earth for a reason irrespective of our personal beliefs. We are in an absolute unique position whereby if we all properly conduct and respect others as we should and learn to accept and respect ourselves we can then gain the trust of others who will then be prepared to listen to our unique points of view and realise that we all have something unique to offer others - especially socialogists and psychiatrists who at the best of time are not alwyays my favourite type of people to work with.

Not everything can be learned from univeristy studies, lectures or text books although they are of extreme necessites in the main. I said ';NOT EVERYTHING' so most things can be learned from these outlets but the human elements of involvement which has not got to be overlooked either. this alone (our experiences) have much to offer. We can learn from both so why not interact with them both and use both our secular and material experiences to learn from?

Nobody in this world is going to get anywhere with inter arguing to the degree I have witnessed on these sites recentlly, but by proper converstation and interacting with one another we can gain so much and offer so much more. We al lhave 'off' days and not be 100% interactive to the degree that would be so beneficial to all but it would be better to suggest to oneself when someone says something that may be 'off the mark' or uncalled for is bes totally ignored without any reaction whatsoever - just move on!!. Best way to deal with these situations is to do nothing. In these cases the least said is best mended until a more settled time when discussions and perhaps analysis of the past events will yield more if such discussions or references to them are needed.. JUST A QUICK THOUGHT. Leslie (Lewis)


Although it's ugly+not something i want to see snowball further.
There is a train of thought that people fight/argue+vent anger+tension with the people they feel -most- safe with... It's not an excuse certainly. But is 1 possible slightly nicer explaination as to what may be going on.. Things are never or rarely the nice explaination though i guess.

What ever gender or sexuality - Some people are sunny, some bitter+nasty, Some fight 2b happy when everythings against that + some people_are_just bitches?


Leslie Lewis,

You are very correct, it is sad that so many people have to constantly bitch, complain, and treat others ineffectively when speaking. I remember the phrase very well, when you do not have anything nice to say then don't say it at all. Not many in this world consider other peoples feelings or what they are enduring in their life. However, no matter what we go through as gay or straight, we must always try to communicate effectively. Furthermore, it saddens me that so many gay people do not talk about God. I will say very honestly, that I will never depend 100% on any human being ever or ever give that human the power to think they are God. Their is only one God, and God is far from being human. Moreover, with that being said, we are all human and have made mistakes, but hopefully learn from those mistakes, but if we keep repeating those mistakes it is insanity. I would love to think that everyone will embrace diversity, but some will and most wont. What people think should not affect you, as long as you are honest, dependable or reliable, considerate, selfless, be open-minded, treat others with respect, humble yourself when needed, and have a relationship with God you have definitely begun the second entering into the third seasons of your journey here on earth.

Take Care & Remember to Pray for the souls, who are very lost, as well as, pray for those who hurt your feelings intentionally an ask God to show them love understanding, and give them the courage to humble themselves. But most importantly, if we all were to do something nice for someone, who needs compassion, encouragement, or love, it not only builds your character, but allows peace to enter your life on a much deeper level.

Good Luck. I love spiritual Mediums and or trans chanelist. I hope I spelled this right if not I am sorry to incorrectly label your title.

Have a Great Day!


I never hear many people humble themselves or admit what they need to make improvements on


I agree with everything that's been said so far, but would like to add that there are people (and I've encountered one or two on here) who will not accept that they're clearly in the wrong, which is why some of the arguments I've witnessed on here have started. I had one earlier today where I knew I was in the right (I have a degree in the subject we were talking about), but wasn't allowed to be right because the other person thought they knew better. I decided to let it go because I realised I wasn't getting anywhere.

There are others who don't respect your point of view, and I wish that there were more people that were able to say "although I disagree with/dislike what you're saying, I still respect you for saying it because that's your view and you're perfectly entitled to it."


People being wrong or right - is a matter of opinion. Opinions are neither right or wrong but; are entirely objective... People who won't accept their wrong; Will not accept their wrong coz in their opinion - they are infact correct! And thats what it all about. No right or wrong per se but Differing/opposing opinions
It's difficult but_MATURE_to back down wen u feel someone is wrong. Or u feel you've been wronged. Nobody can agree wi everybody; But Rudeness=Unnecessary!
MUTUAL RESPECT should be a given!


Obviously any outright bullying, hate crime, outright bigotry - those are not tongue biting time.
But there are better courses of action to seeking some kind of justice, than sinking to the lowely level of such ugly beings, by obeying your instinct to retaliate.

Thats of course is very easy to say.
Until the attack is directed at you.


OK honey's, we're all hurting in some way relationally but as Gay Men and Lesbian Women and bi and transgender folks we have an enormous responsibility to let everyone know of our capacity to love them. That we are sensitive to others needs, we are nutures, we care. Patrick