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My Dad My Star. - Your WRITES

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6years have passed,I’ll never forget the day.Mum rang to tell me that you’d gone away.The hurt is the same like an open wound,There are days I don’t utter a sound.Some days the pain is stronger,It makes me sick and weak I can’t stand this much longer.I just sit here and weep . I’ve shut my private door and let no one in
Locking myself in a box ,They try, but I won’t give in.

You were like a rock Strong, faithful and true What worth has my life Now I don’t have you.I was your second born.Daddy’s little girl I took my own path,But was still part of your world

I always loved you,My dad, my star now my pain is to worship you from afar.I love you now,As I did back then.I just hope... one day I will see you again.

I am so proud of you brave and strong to the end now when asked “how are you?”
There is no need to pretend.


No words can describe the pain n heartacheness that youu have been through. I wish for next life n many next life , that you will see him again ..

((((((((((((((((((((((((( HUGS HUGS HUGS ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I m glad that you open up w us , Sharapova x^____________________^x

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