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Give me a break already.
Some may be wondering why I don't spend much time in the chat rooms anymore.
Well teenage kids saying I'm bored or I'm sooooo drunk...... Not really my thing.
Why have I not been posting stories well why bother when I get a few short comments like: more please.
There are some on here that crave attention and others who can't be bothered writing more then a few words.
Has the art of conversation been lost?
Are we now faced with the "look at me's" and the "aww I'm bored entertain me's"
Well maybe I am bored of you lot and maybe I can't be bothered listening to you whine.
Maybe I am thinking of deleting my account.
As I watch this once fun site downward spiral into the vortex of nothingness.
I wonder is anyone reading this?
Does anyone care?
Are you just happy to let others write their thoughts while you just sit there and say nothing and do nothing?
While the attention seekers tell the world what it is like to be them.
Do we even care what they say?
Do we answer them?
Or just let them carry on.
Well ask yourself is it time to speak up?
Or just sit there as the world is eaten away in front of you.
Tell me your thoughts.
Sorry if you think I went too far but this is the way it's going if you don't speak up now I may not be here to listen.


Then lets talk lol .. are you here now ? Lets sit down here have a cuddle n TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLKKKKKKKKKKKKK LOL


Carol Dear
I dont know about other but i sure have been wondering why you havent been active on chat lately,its been a long time since we spoke although i know we havent really had a one on one conversation yet but i would love to have a nice long chat with you.Hopefully soon ;-).
Carol i love how you have put down your thought in here. Its true this chatroom has lost its art of conversation well atleast a little but i am glad i still have my friends whom i can have a nice lovely conversation with.
Dear it may not be my place but i still feel you should stay and not delete your account here atlease for a few of your friends. Your post surely caught my attention and i am sure everyone here is gonna read it and surely think about the stuff you have writtten.


I agree with pretty much all you wrote above, Carol. From what I gather of the Lesbian Chat Room and the Gay Chat Room, you girls (hey, I was about to type 'guys' then) get the better deal.

For every four idiots who pass by there's at least one who wishes to actually chat in a chat room.

Hold in there.

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