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Good evening everyone:) - Get HAPPY

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hi! I'm a new member of this site and i joined this group because I want to become more happy despite of my problem, like Family, My attitude, Love life etc.

hope that I'll I can get good advices from you guys.I'm happy to be part of this site.


Hi,there,Muwah, ( Chris )

First of all, a vary big WELCOME to you,to the
site,and to the group.

You will find a lot peaple on this site,who will be to
pleased to be your Friend. ( I am one of these peaple ).

And yes this group,and other Group`s as well will make
you fill a lot more better/happyer about your self.

Just ask away with what ever you like !!!!!!.
Tommy LOL xxx


Welcome from another newbie I found just jumping right into anything I see that interests me helps...sometimes it's a little slow but it has a lot to do with time zones lol Have fun and hope you meet lots of new friends that will help you through the good and the tough times


Welcome! I don't have anything useful to add, but thought I'd say hi

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