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Questions about being Bi-Gay? - Gay Guys! <3

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I'm Robert and I'm Bi-sexual! But,I'm always thinking about being in a Gay relationship because,I'm always thinking about men! I have had anal sex once about 10-years ago but recently,That's is all I've been thinking about! i'm not really used to it because as I remember,it hurt like hell! i'm sure if I were to find a nice,gentle man? I would probably enjoy it more?


So are you looking for sex, or a relationship? They are not the same thing.


Hi Robert!

As Michael mentioned; bisexuality differs between sexual emotions and aim for relationship. The most common combination of these is sexual emotions for both genders but only wanting a longer relationship with one gender. You should perhaps map your emotions more and let them be explored to find what you’re after.

Anal sex should never hurt. If it hurts, then you’re doing it wrong. Your anal actually has two sphincter muscles (inner and outer) which need to be relaxed before even thinking about putting a penis in there. I suggest either lube and two fingers or a dildo to warm it up. And don’t forget the condom!


If you think more about men than women from a sexual standpoint, and you enjoy the company of men, then maybe it is time to try a gay relationship.
You acknowledge that you're bi, and you can always leave a relationship if you find it's not for you, so go for it.

As for the sex part..yeah.. whomever you were with wasn't doing it right if it was painful. (although he might be into S&M, and for guys into S&M, they would generally consider that was doing it right.)

If you're with someone you're actually comfortable with, you're relaxed, and he's patient & has some clue what he's doing, it should feel wonderful.

The key is you learning to relax the muscles that let him get inside you, and that's much easier if you're comfortable with him, and trust him.

Good luck.