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Gay Teen Killed in Bachmann's Hometown, She Won't Address LGBT Issues - The Gay Christian Network

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Gay Teen Killed in Bachmann's Hometown, She Won't Address LGBT Issues

News Source: Uploaded by MidweekPolitics on Aug 26, 2011

News link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNXyj-nr5i4&feature=colike

--A gay teen is killed in Michele Bachmann's home town of Waterloo, Iowa, and her district in Minnesota has a sky high teen suicide rate, but she will barely address the issue.

Please pray for everyone involved in this and the shocking number of gay suicides and maybe that Michell Bachmann's heart and eyes will be open to her duties are as a high ranking elected official.


Michelle Bachman is crazy! I will pray for her mental healing and for those affected by this senseless death,


If its the same Michelle Bachman I'm thinking of she's just as stuck up about same sex relationships and marriage as the GOP is.


It is and I find it no wonder that her first name has this in it: MicHELLe Bachman. Whose district David Pakman says has the Highest GLBTQ rate in the whole country!
I don't mean to be funny but maybe this person (can you imagine I almost called her a lady!) needs more of a exorcism, then prayers.


possible Andre but what priest would want to come within ten feet of her. she makes the girl in the exorcist look like a schoolgirl by comparison


True that, you just have to wonder those who voted for her, but as I understand it, money is buying elections until we can reverse Citizens United. Any of you can follow me on Facebook I do a lot of activism there., signing and calling really does work!

BTW check this young man out, he's not only cute, but smart too!

Published on Sep 6, 2012 by Epydemic2020

A gay veteran did an interview with Mitt Romney on ABC and asked some questions pertaining to gay marriage. Romney's answers were, interesting, to say the least.

Mitt Romney on Gay Marriage and Religion


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