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Throw away negativity thoughts :) - Get HAPPY

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1. Meditation - This helps you to relax your mind n please let down whatever burdens you are carrying on your shoulder. Your body needs a break too.

2. Watch a movie - A comedy film usually helps. It also get you distracted depends what movies you wanna watch Focus .. imagine you are part of the role. Coz I m always so glued on movies lol

3. Talk - Find a few positive friends that you can talk to. Sometimes through talking help you ease the worries you have in your mind.

4. A slow jog - Make sure you do a warm up first Do you feel the breeze , like I do too ? I love the breeze. Feel the gentle breeze on your face.

5. Hang out - Go for a picnic w your besties. Or make a booking for karaoke .. (Kara always OKAY ! lol) Avril's n Taylor's songs sometimes make me high xD

6. Born To Be A Writer ? - Write out all you want to .. In your journal , in your diary .. Write down your problems , tear them away n please don't throw out of the window lol .. You will get fines If you litter (LOL) So don't okay ? Save the planet ? Well you did .. You tear them away , throw them in the recycle bin lol

7. Beautiful Things - Get ready your camera. A digital cam perhaps ? Okay are you ready ? I m right here , just take my picture lol I m just joking .. Heyyy don't ! I look terrible w my wig on :P lol I m just joking .. I don't wear wigs lol .. Anyways where was I ? Oh beautiful things.. Hiking helps you .. Get your camera ready n that is where you will see many beautiful sceneries. What are you doing ? Capture them w your amazing photography skills Post them up heeheehee .. Coz I love beautiful sceneries too .. Especially flowers , some insects , trees , sky , clouds , fountains (If any) ..

8. Shopping - Write down a list of things you always wanted to buy but hadn't got any time to buy. I always go for Ladies Tops O_ohhh my .. Like those sales that can make me crazy n keep buying but phew I only had 2 from Denizen recently n It was my birthday splurge lol And not too many stuffs hahaha .. And get me a few piece of items too ? Or how about one from your cart ? Alright lol I m just kidding .. Naah just buy those items that make you happy. Something you really wanted much but have yet get for yourself ?

9. Hospital Visits - Do you know ? Some babies , some kids .. They are less fortunate. But when you see them , having to battle w that little body .. How do you feel ? Some babies were born as Siamese Twins.. You read them too don't you ? A colleague of mine , he does that to release his daily stress at work. He visits those hospitals just too see how those kids (though they are sick , could be handicapped , those who are trying to fight , never give up) smile even though they knew. How they wished to be like you .. Able to stand to walk , to work , to study , to play sports , to go online , to do whatever they wanna do .. But some can't. They are the ones who will remind you .. Heyyyy be strong .. Sometimes life is really hard , who wanna have a tough life ? No one does.

10. Sleep - That is what I m gonna do now coz I have been typing since 2 hours ago lol .. I m suppose to sleep earlier n now see .. OMG I m still typing .. A good good sleep helps to make you more productive .. readers Stop reading lol Goodnight to me , n Sweetdreams to you x^___________^x


Good advice Ella! I will use this as a reference lol


Yay! I do most of those am they temporarily help but they help. More of the healthy stuff) at least you didn't say go on a binge or sexcapades or eat a lot. Good good. (


Really awesome advice and it gave me a good laugh


Excellent advice my friend. Will try them all except for meditation cant ever do that dont know why.


Well, miss Ella, hahaha, yeah sounds good, may have to try some of these out :P.


awesome advice ella .. kara always Okey ... love this hahaha xx


love this and very funny... I can see another blog approaching hehehexxx


lol I gonna try again , I can't seem to able to reply anyways I was saying Thank You all for reading x^___________________^x

Thank You Calvin