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Life? - Your WRITES

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What is life
Is it just a tool
War and Strife
Is brought on by the fool
Life is so weak and frail
So easy to kill and die
Or to even end up in jail
Why don't you put down the knife
And answer the question of life

We all may live differently
But we all have one though that's the same
We all wish to be happy and free
As we can only be us which may cause shame
Why should I be scared to be me
No matter what anyone says
Since I'll be happy
For the rest of my days
Now I will mention
That life is a question

What is it that makes life swell
When all we do is cry and fight
In this life that is no less than hell
And cause all those that differ to hide in the night
Why dose life suck so much
That we need to keep safe
As we all need a hunch
In order to keep strong and safe
Now you need to put down the knife
Since none can answer the question of life

(I wrote this when I had a fight with my dad over me coming out and my friends all having troubles in their lives as well. My pops didn't want me to let everyone know that I was bi {gay as he would put it}. I'm also kind of a philosopher so I had to write it this way. I hope that it give you all a since of hope as it did for me and my friends.


Very nicely written :-)


thank you

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