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Your beautiful from the inside out
Talented on the things you do
Smiles and happiness when you are around
Should never go unnoticed and not appreciated

The pain you felt is not worth a tear
Not one has the right to make you feel
The abuse you have endured that makes you sad but now strong
Never dwell in the past but remember and move on

The things that they have done to put you down
That you deserve the very best like a princess with her jewels on her head
Feeling protected is a must you can have
And be defended when they have caused you wrong

To feel truly LOVE for the person who you really are
Not for some type of person they ideally want
To have confidence on yourself you truly have
But knowingly you are a very strong person indeed

To Feel like you are the only one around
Having the attention when you need it the most
Holding your hand in the time of need
A person to cry to when you feel the pain

A person that talks to you through the days
Just to hear your voice
That brings joy on both of your days
Not Afraid to express what they have feeling inside

When you run they will search to get you back
Because you are only person in the world that matters most to them
Being proud to be called exclusively yours
Someone on their right mind has plans to have a life with you

Then that is someone out there just waiting there for you
To treat you the way you should be treated
Like a princess in a fairytale dream
Just waiting to fall in LOVE with a person like you


It's beautiful


I love this Ola It is really beautiful.


Yes it is nice .........


amazing :-)


ty all xoxoxo

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