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i hate the fact that when it comes to certain matters...you have to look at both time and money...now i'm trying to get deferred action thing done...but now it comes to down to time vs money...now of course you have organizations that try to help out more economically...but there are gonna be a lot of people going to these places and even the lawyer lady today told me that some of them are booked until January...and this process alone can take up to 6 months...so i'd be waiting a lot of time to get this done...now of course the more expensive aid...is willing to help you go thru this process more faster...but we're talking about $1000 something I clearly don't have...and i don't know that many people that will lend me money...and don't get me wrong...i'm not asking any of you for money...i'm just pouring my concerns out here to you...but well yea...my dad says just see how much money you can gather up...and then we'll figure who can help us out...but my mom wants me to get quotes from other people and organizations to see how much they charge...but my dad strictly wants to do this with the lawyer that helped them out...and he charges $1000...so aside from that...i have to get the $465 for the application fee...it's just a little too much...and i can only hope that i find enough friends and family to help me out economically so i can get the ball rolling...cause time is very important...i just need a bit of luck and support to come my way now...so wish me a lot of luck guys...^_^


Jony, because I am in the UK i don't understand what it is you have to get done....what is the 'deferred action' thing??? Is it about your status recognition in USA ??? Can you just explain? I am wishing you every success in raising the money you need.


it allows me to apply for a work permit in the US...