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Sad News: Lesbian couple found dead in suspected murder suicide - The Gay Christian Network

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Source: Gay Star News

Source link: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/lesbian-couple-found-dead-suspected-murder-suicide310812?utm_source=New+email+sign-ups&utm_campaign=601923578f-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email

Please keep these people in our thoughts and prayers.

Arizona woman is suspected of shooting her wife in the head, and then turning the gun on herself

31 August 2012 | By Joe Morgan

A lesbian Arizona couple was found dead in their home on Tuesday (28 August), and police are calling it a murder-suicide.

Dallas Augustine, 32, is suspected of murdering Jessie McCaskill, 50, at their Phoenix home before taking her own life.

The two women will undergo autopsies today (31 August).

Police discovered the bodies at around 8.30pm on Monday evening after a concerned family member called 911.

The authorities arrived at the property to discover evidence the couple had been fighting, and one had packed her bags and was preparing to leave.

The murder weapon, a handgun, was found at the crime scene.

A neighbor told AZcentral.com that Augustine, who is the daughter of Nevada lawmaker Kathy Augustine who was murdered by her husband in 2006, and McCaskill had loud, violent arguments.

‘They fought pretty hard and screamed at each other,' the 65-year-old said. 'Sometimes you'll be inside your house and you can hear them, hear something break once in a while.'

Augustine, who reportedly had a rocky relationship with her mom, ran for a seat in the Nevada Assembly in 2008, but lost.

On McCaskill’s Facebook page, she posted in 2006 she had found the one in Augustine, who she married in 2007.

‘Well, it all worked out in the end,’ she said.


Thank you for sharing this André! Pretty sad...I will keep it in my prayers and hope this sort of thing does not happen again!


I'll never understand jealousy or people who are progressive. I mean if you really love someone, then you should want to be happy, even if that means they have to leave you and move on. I am sad to say, I cannot read minds, but this seems like an abusive relationship in which one partner had enough and wanted to go but the other partner was so insecure of being alone and hurt by her partner moving on, that she would kill both of them? That isn't love. Jealousy is a selfish emotion, although I admit that when I had a boy friend it felt awesome when I was being too friendly with someone else, and he reminded me of our love and commitment to each other. It made me feel like I belong to someone and that someone cared enough to be concern about losing me, but my God he would have never thought of killing me. I feel quite sorry for those two, their family and friends. Thank you Timothy for responding, God bless you because you care enough to.


OMG! I didn't realize that you are The famous Berlin patient! I informed my doctor that I would be willing to undergo the same bone marrow transplant as you (even if I died in the process, maybe they would learn something from it. And I still would!
I moved from the east coast Virginia, because I loathe hypocrisy, plus a lot of bad memories living there. My mom had me commented to State run asylums back in the 1960's not because I was crazy but because I reported the abuse to the authorities who'd rather believe in the TV shows idea of American families where this kinda stuff never happens. So they locked me up (more then once and in two separate asylums, where I suffered greatly, beatings, rapes and forced to take medicine I didn't need! That sort of past leaves scars that do not heal. I couldn't understand why people of color who knew what it was like to be put down and people be prejudiced against them, knowing that pain they suffer would and could willing do it to some one else. I was never a coward, being a coward does nothing for you. It was just the idea of balling up my fist to hurt someone even in self defence that boggled my mind. I never want to hurt anyone.. But in the end, after I tried to comment suicide at the age of 9, I thought if I was willing to take my own life because I was deemed contemptible in the eyes of others including men who I had sex with, then I had nothing to lose in fighting for my life. Jesus validates that every human life is important, that is why he died for us. O well, sorry I didn't mean to get preachy on you. here's a song that I identify with a lot. I hope you like it too~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgpg87pxjJw&feature=colike

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