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10 Must Watch Highly Recommended Comedy Movies )))))))))

1. Paul - Kristen Wigg is really awesome in this film where she (I thought) supposed to be innocent , lol .. She turns out to be a crack. And you must really love that 2013 Alien lol I called him 2013 Alien b/c he speaks English lol n he wears quarter pants hahahahahahaa The most funniest dialogue he has is "I'm speaking English , you fucking idiot" Lol xD What an Alien ..

2. Bridesmaid - I m so happy that most have seen this film n I went to watch It by myself coz my friends are not really into this film .. And when I mentioned =/ they don't even like It. I mean this movie got me sitting in the theatre for 2 hours plus .. I LOVE IT lol I was laughing non stop n I m so happy (though I m watching on my own) the whole theatre , so much laughter ... The part where Kristen crashed her BFF wedding makes me kinda bizzare .. Why woould anyone do that ? Anyways the part where she danced in the car (nude) lol got everyone laughing n laughing.. Kristen Wigg .. you are really awesome

3. Megamind - The most funniest character in this film is that Minion lol .. His face just make me wanna laugh each time I recalled how loyal n faked his death .. That part actually got me in tears lol Damn this minion lol

4. Despicable Me - I cried in this cartoon too. This guy w no manners all along changes into a father. And the funniest part that I can still laugh at many times are those little potatoes hahahahhahahahahaaa The part where they are suppose to look for a unicorn for Agnes , O_ohhhh my - they are all singing karaoke hahaahhahahaahahaaa

5. Parent Trap - This film is so classic that the DVD is not available at all in Singapore which got me been searching for I have always love Lindsay Lohan. When she had her case stressing her , I don't think she would know that I was crying for her too. It's really not easy to be a celebrity where they actually lost their privacy to paparazzi. When I heard she was w Sam , I m so happy for her .. Lindsay , IDC about how the media wrote about you , I have always love you n all your films. I Know Who Killed Me is her another Twins Movie

6. Old Dogs - I have always love Robin Williams n of course John Travolta. The funniest part in this film .. is that "KIngKong" w that tiny short man (Idk what is his name lol) I just read that a pilot has revealed that John Travolta is a gay. And please Mr Pilot .. Mind your own business .. So what If he is or he is not , what has that gotta do w you ? Besides celebrities are human just like you are .. Wish I could say this into that pilot's face. And Robin .. I have always wanted a dad just like you.

7. Hangover Part 1 - I heard the Part 2 is not as great as Part 1. But I like Bradley Cooper. And the baby in this movie .. O_ohhh my .. He is sooooo cute lol

8. Deuce Bigalow - Rob Schneider is another comedian that I will try not to miss any of his films. And tbh xD I forgot most part of this film O_o but this film , at least It is a comedy film LOL

9. 50 First Dates - Is this a comedy film ? Okay lol Coz this has Rob Schneider in It n he is really making me laugh. It is also a romance - love comedy n It makes me cry :P lol

10, The Grown Ups - I enjoy watching this film w all the funny actresses n actors in this movie .. Adam Sandler n Rob Schneider. I also love friends gathering .. Like theirs in this film .. And Rob lol Your daughters in this film are way soooooo hot xD Especially Jamie Chung


Here's my list lol ...not necesaarily top 10 or any particular order but I like them!

1. The Hunger Games
2. 21 Jump Street (hilarious)
3. Finding Nemo
4. Twighlight movies
5. Coyote Ugly
6. Harry Potter series
7. Pretty all Disney movies (I'm a big kid)
8. Men in Black series
9. The Hangovers
10. The Notebook


Christy .. I know right .. I missed The Hunger Games I watched Finding Nemo too , that is many favorite cartoon .. Omg I can't wait for the next Twilight Kristeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnn is my Bella lol .. I love Coyote Ugly .. Can't Fight The Moonlight ))

Okay , tbh , I watched Harry Potter coz of Emma Watson heeheehee I missed Men In Black 3


I went to the drive in for mib 3 and it was the midnite release and I fell asleep half way thru but what i saw was good lol
I just finished the HP's cuz I read the books and we had a marathon at work lol
I love movies and I LOVED Bridesmaids!!!!


O_ohhh My God LOL You fell asleep ! ! ! lol You must be tired , should have went to the theatre when you are fully charged Christy lol ..

I love movies too Yesterday I just watched Expendables 2 , It was hilarious I just don't like the Asian actress in there lol She spoils my mood :P but the movie itself is fanrtastic


Bridemaids wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. A little boring and only some funny parts. I expected more cause people were saying it was better than the hangover..definitely not.


It was funny in its own way diff from Hangover comedy but Hangover was funnier i agree and another funny one is 21 Jump Street. And i had no idea the expendables was funny lol


@Kristy .. Oh ... Well perhaps Expendables 1 & 2 then ? Bridesmaid n Paul are more like a dialogue comedy so It depends on viewers .. Not most of them know these 2 films too , I mean people around me in my place haha

hahaha Sylvester Stallone had a few funny parts w Jason Statham n It is pretty fun where you see all male celebrities in a action flick .. It was hilarious on some parts lol (Christy)

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