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New Law In California? Needs A Look - The Rainbow Lounge

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A former member of this site asked me to share this with all of you lovely membersear friend,

Right now, there's a powerful bill that would make it illegal in California for medical professionals to use dangerous practices meant to "cure" homosexuality - and soon it will be sitting on California Governor Brown's desk. It’s the first of its kind anywhere in the world to explicitly protect minors.

But it’s not law yet - and Gov. Brown has refused to make his position on the bill public. So, I just told the governor to protect thousands of young people.

The more of us who let him know we support the end of this barbaric, disturbing practice the easier it will be for him to stand up to anti-gay groups who think homosexuality is a disease or worse.

Will you sign too?



can i copy and paste this on my fb page?


Please do spread this as other states may take the idea and try to run with it as well.

I did get an update today that this was banned from law in California earlier today.