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Carol is the new group owner! - Your WRITES

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Dear Group Members,
The former owner of this group has left, which made it possible for any members of this group to become the new group owner. I have taken on this responsibility and am now the owner and first admin. I hope you continue to enjoy the conversations here, and will try to serve this group as well as I can. Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks, Carol


Carol , please keep this group for people like us who can't find many to trust n the only way to talk It all out is through writing.

Now words are the only thing I can trust in this world , It's just I can only trust my heart (for now) ..

Thanks for being here all the time .. When you actually helped to take away the dark clouds above many of our heads.

Mine is still above my head (lol) b/c the wound n scar is still fresh ..

If Sandy is here , I think she will be laughing her ass off n thinks I deserve this .. n I m just the most stupid girl ever , to never search for any answers , instead sending blessings ..


They come from our hearts some are truths and some they lie
but words can warm the cold and cut through your soul
I always say just write what you feel
I was once told that too
when I had no words
nothing to say
we all can hide away in a dark place
but if we write our feeling down
it frees us form the chains that tie us down
So cut through the chains
and be free once more
others feel your pain too
words can touch a strangers heart
make us think and feel
write what you feel
because it is real.


Waking from a dream

I wake in the dark of the night
Feeling to your side of the bed
Where are you my love?
We just made passionate love

I can still smell your sweet scent
The smell of love fills the air
Fumbling, I feel the sheets for your warm body
Oh goodness all I feel is the cold empty bed
Where are you my love?

The wetness between my legs is real
My trembling body still feels your touch
My heart is still pounding away
I call your name
“Carol baby”
But you are not there
Where are you my love?

Suddenly it strikes me like a slap
We made wild passionate love in my dream
I felt you lips against my body
I supped from between your legs
I still taste you
My wetness is my proof
Where are you my love?

I close my eyes
I must fall asleep again
For I need to feel your warm touch
I need your wild love
I must join you in my dream
Come to me my wifey


I love this group already Good to know that it's still alive despite the original owner leaves.


This group will always be alive and well.
I want us all to write what we feel and enjoy reading everyone's work.


Great group cant wait to start posting stuff


i love all the postings and reading what others have to say i hope to be posting my storys and others so tht u all can read them


I'm changing things in this group.
To be honest I never really liked the name “Born to be a writer”
Because we can all do it we just don't think we can.
I never really wrote much until a couple of years ago.
Then a friend asked me to join a poetry site and after reading some of the work there I thought.
“Oh I can do this.”
NOW it's your turn.
I know you have a story.
PLEASE I would love to read all about you.
We live in a changing world what do you think and feel about what is happening all around you?

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