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Falling... And grazing your knees! - Gay Guys! <3

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C'mon we've all done this, we have all fallen for someone who doesn't feel the same way...
I guess the reason I'm thinking about this now is because me and my boyfriend will have been together for 5 months tomorrow and I've been looking back on people I used to fancy and some of them didn't feel the same, and I remember at one time I fell for someone so deep that when I found out he didn't feel the same I actually had to get over him - that's how deeply into him I was, that was about 2 years ago.
Then I thought about what if Ben (my current b/f) it actually hurts to think like that because I wouldn't be as happy as I am now, I wouldn't have as much mates as I do, my social life wouldn't be as increased, my self-esteem would be in tatters, it's amazing how much one boy can change you - also just gonna throw in he's hugely talented - he can sing, he can play the piano and the guitar, he can cook, he can draw and paint, he can even act and impersonate people from the telly and he's someone I love dearly, and I can't wait for tomorrow when we spend two whole days together for our 5 month anniversary :P Soppy I know!

So guys, any people you've fallen for who didn't feel the same???


well... 3 ppl have fallen for me over the years.... and sad to say...they were all GIRLS!!!!

so... no... i have never fallen for a guy who didn't feel the same because i would never let myself fall so deep unless i knew for certain that the guy was into me too..(and my gut instincts are always right)


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on your first 5 months together. I hope that the 5 months will turn into 5 years!
No, I have never fallen in love either shallowy or deeply so I can't make a comment on that subject.
Just be happy & have a GREAT 5 month anniversary.


Congrats Chud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THose that went before only serve to reflect how wonderful Ben is compared to them, so they serve a use. Have a great two days.

Tomorrow I become old!!


Congratulations friend
I am very happy for you and your b/f and wish you a happy 5 months anniversary and nice times

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