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Dedication - Jessica Dawn Crewdson - my bestfriend forever and always! - Your WRITES

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One late winter night, working at this new place
a pretty girl came in with black hair,
I was told to take care, and train you on this new space,

right then we hit it off, and after work I asked if you wanted to come to the beach,
You said yes and we went and we laugh, laughed so hard we cried,
walked along the rocks over a homeless man asleep,

it was then I knew, we would be close, I didn't know that we would be bestfriends
everyday we talked, we laughed we joked, did all those things teenagers can't without our parents control

One day you said to me, Becky you know, you're my bestfriend,
and I love you so, it was then we our friendship grew,

Over five long years and ups and downs, and births and deaths, and graduations, you there, by my side, cheering me on, laughing at everything stupid I did, getting it trouble from the cops with me, and drink a storm with me,

do all that crazy shit that we did, when I needed advice, and you needed to cry, we knew we had each other, when my girlfriend died, I called you in the middle of the night, "Oh honey it'll be alright" that is what you said to me,

for all the important times in my life you were there every step of the way, when I got my licence to drive, you were, there, when my parents divorced you were there, when I needed you I we had each other,

but now you're gone and I don't know what to do, for you are my bestfriend and I had you for five amazing years, you were the sweet young age of twenty. the person I had for my life and for one moment you could handle it anymore and you became an angel sitting by gods side, happy and content know it was what you wanted.

Chey and I, honey we're going to make it through, to show you, we're just like you, we're given the same problems as you, for you babe, we're going to get better, our mental health will heal, we'll show you if you stayed, you could have too,

but honey we're doing it for you, there isnt enough time or space to relay everything you meant to me, everything you will always mean to me,
but just know this, you're in my head, my heart, my life,

you are my bestfriend and now you're an angel of gods in heaven above,

16,04.1992 - 26.08.2012 Jessica Dawn Crewdson.

my bestfriend - 11.05.2008 - forever!


Becs , fate has brought you n Jess together. And have I told you ? She has a v lovely name just like yours. I know you are trying your v best too , I m so proud of you .. Coz no matter what you are facing in your life , you are such a brave little fighter. Every each of us has different stories to share. I lost my classmate too when my mum's adopted daughter hang herself n commit suicide . litlle did my mum knew , It was a murder committed by the husband. My mum was devastated. Though she was adopted by my mum , she loved me like a sister n loved my mum so much that she would always held a grand birthday party for my mum , n never knew after Mothers Day celebration she was found dead in her house , hung to death. Nothing could be done n my mum grieved for her death for a few months n she thought we didn't know. I knew.. I cried so loud in my school canteen n I knew there were so many schoolmates looking at me .. Then this girl , her name was Winnie .. She happened to be my classmate ..She was the only one who came to me (we didn't even know each other) , n gave me a hug n pat my head n tell me "Everything is gonna be okay.. Aww look at you .. You don't look cute at all w all the tears n drips from your nose" This is what Winnie said to me. (lol) But she passed away soon .. She was diagnosed w kidney failure but there were more mystic in her death too.

I never told you before .. I know .. No one really knew that too coz I always seemed like a v positive , cheerful girl .. I was w Winnie for less than a year .. When her death was announced , we all mourned for her one full day .. I even make a trip to her house , to visit her siblings n her family to carry on w Winnie's love. So do that Becs. You never lost Jess. You can do many things w her love , w her strength n I m v sure - Jess is now v proud of you. And the things that she has never ever regret - Is to have Becs Lamonby in her life .. Many years later , she will still be remembered n loved by you n everyone who come to know her .. And also , Idk who she is , perhaps heeheehee she might already gave me some love ..

A true friend is one to keep not just til 2012 .. It will be many years Becs

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