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While You Were Mine - Poetry Group

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(Hadn't shown this in awhile...thought I'd give it a Go on this account. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.)

Dark, twisted Demons of the Heart
dare prey upon thy wretch'd soul,
that I should dare so freely to start -
these Taiko beats of a different toll.

T'was once so sublime,
my Love so fierce, t'were a different time,
whence Passion rang free -
that by and by for thee,
I dare think'st of the World,
my Soul was yours, though Damned, unfurled.

Dost thou dare curse mine self?
You, who art thou a Goddess, my beloved canvas -
whom leaves thy wordful lips to be bereft
whilst I gaze upon thine soul, thy Lux Aeternus -
For I see not a sculpture of simplicity,
that even in the Holiest sepulchre of clarity,
within You keep'th a complex web of tapestry -
where I, nor anyone, could dare fathom to truly see.

Damned am I for eternity,
marred with the Black Hand of devilish desire,
in tumult I spiral into burning sanctity -
with mine Heart yours to keep alive in perpetual fire.
Can'st thou not see, my beloved Lyre -
You are thy Bard upon highest spire,
my spark, my Muse, of such atrocity...
As that of an Inspiration I take from thee.

Brooding days hath pass me by,
with Time so short and nigh,
that mine Soul dare fades in due crime,
with a Past and Fate intertwined.

Forgive'th this Fool of fools,
this Fox of a Jester's tool,
for life dare forcefully free itself from me,
where I am weak to fight it's feral glee -
And know when in wreckoning days,
when your life seems in disarray,
Forever close will I be -
with these Taiko beats in pulsating role,
my Love, with thee, in your Heart and Soul.




Danaea.... m so loss in words lol


Thank you Cassy, Ella... lol I hope that's a good thing?



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