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Team Staddlemire -- Part 1 - Your WRITES

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“Chiselle Hawthorne” called the green robed figure atop the pedestal.
With a prideful smirk, the tall brunette stepped forward and walked to the stage. She was an imposing figure among all that were gathered in the courtyard. She was the only new student who came armed with a thick bladed broadsword. Unlike the rest of her so-called peers, Chiselle was also clad in a breastplate and splint mail sleeves and leggings where the rest wore robes bought by their parents.
Chiselle looked the girl standing in front of her in the eyes as she stared intensely looking her up and down as she approached. She could feel the girls discomfort at her measuring gaze and smirked triumphantly.
Chiselle stopped where the students before her stopped when they approached the stage, and she turned, surveying her soon to be classmates.
With little pause, the instructor looked down at the parchment then looking back up he called “Sarah Birmingham”
Chiselle looked about for movement as a little girl began to make her way to the stage. Chiselle shook her head thinking the girl couldn’t be any more than 10 years old. Chiselle scoffed as the little girl neared which made her pause.
“All my exploits, and I get stuck babysitting.” Chiselle said under her breath and shaking her head.
The little girl frowned and instead of taking the spot right next to Chiselle as the previous students had done, she took the third and final spot, prompting a scoffing chuckle to escape Chiselles lips.
The girl hand long black hair which hung freely like silk. She wore a broach about her breast displaying the Birmingham crest. Chiselle noticed the well-manicured hands poking out of her blue and white silken robe and the velvet boots she wore as she shuffled to her place.
Again the instructor looked to the parchment and looked up once more. “Beatrice Staddlemire” he called out.
A girl from the very back began to move forward. She wore no robe, only a dirty simple brown dress, slightly tattered at the bottom and faded with use. Her long blond hair was slightly unkempt and in no particular style. She did not look up as she approached; keeping her head down as she walked, and obediently she took her place between Chiselle and Sarah.
Chiselle shook her head once more and rolled her eyes.
The girl standing next to the trio turned to them and smiled until she caught Chiselles disappointed gaze.
“I’m Tabitha Goddard and I’m a 3rd year student, and I am in charge of our dorm. If you will follow me I will show you to your room.” She said smiling at Sarah, and hoping Beatrice would look up. Her eyes completely avoided Chiselle.
Tabitha turned and took a few steps, turning her upper body making sure they followed her and off the 4 girls went.

Tabitha left the room, leaving the 3 girls to their own devices as Chiselle looked at her new roommates measuring them up once more.
Sarah walked up to one of the beds and pushed down on it gently, then moved on to the next and doing much the same.
Chiselle turned to the third girl standing there with her head down. “Umm, Be…. What’s your name again?”
“Beatrice.” She said softly, barely more than a whisper.
Chiselle sat herself on the window sill and crossed her arms under her breasts. “Well Beatrice, you pick your bed first.”
“No it’s ok. You can pick first, I don’t mind.”
“Who made you boss?” Sarah said, turning to Chiselle. Chiselle turned to her and glowered. Sarah turned away and stroked her finger along the desk.
“That’s exactly the problem, Beatrice. Let me guess, you’ve never decided anything for yourself, have you?”
After a pause, Beatrice shook her head slowly.
“That’s what I thought.” Chiselle stood up and approached Beatrice, who shifted back slightly at her approach. Chiselle gently put her hand under Beatrice’s chin and lifted. Beatrice turned her face away.
“Someone hit you, didn’t they?” Chiselle asked sternly.
Beatrice shifted her feet uncomfortably.
“Answer me.” Chiselle demanded, raising her voice slightly.
“Oh leave her alone you big bully.” Came Sarah voice. Chiselle glanced at her momentarily then turned back to Beatrice and sighed.
“Are you going to answer?”
“Yes.” She said softly.
“Student? Sibling? Parent?” Chiselle interrogated.
“Sibling.” Beatrice answered obediently.
“Do they go to this school?”
Beatrice shook her head no.
“The next time I ask you a question you don’t want to answer. Say ‘none of your business’. Alright? Look at me.” Chiselle put her hand under Beatrice’s chin and was about to lift it when Beatrice slapped her hand away. Chiselle smiled.
“That’s better. Now pick a bed.”
“Why me?” Beatrice complained
“Questioning me now, that’s good.”
“Why does she get to pick first?”
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. With a sigh Chiselle headed for the door and opened the door, revealing a girl seemingly about Chiselles age with long red hair and clad in a simple black and red robe. Her hair was tied back in a braid. The girl smiled at Chiselle and held out her hand.
“Hi, I’m Evelyn, I’m a 2nd year student here. My room is right next to yours so thought I’d pop in and say hi.” She said as Chiselle took the girls hand and shook. Chiselle smiled.
“Nice confident grip you have.” Chiselle commented.
Evelyn giggled. “I’ll take that as a compliment. You look so gallant in that armour I must say.”
Chiselle smiled “You’re the first person today to compliment me, especially about what I’m wearing.”
Sarah approached the door, and Chiselle casually stepped aside, letting Sarah and Evelyn shake hands.
“Beatrice, come greet our guest.” Chiselle called.
Beatrice shuffled her way to the door as Chiselle sighed and shook her head.
“Don’t be so obedient.” She said as she made her way back to the sill.
Evelyn smiled and said “Looks like you have your work cut out for you. But something tells me you will make a great team.”
“Why would you say that?” Sarah asked skeptically.
“You all complement each other quite well.”
“How do you figure?” Sarah asked; her skepticism still evident.
“Well, you have a veteran soldier, an educated noble, and a skilled tradeswoman. An elementalist, an abjurer, and mage respectively. You all have very different skill sets, when you learn to work together, you’ll be able to take on anything, don’t you think?”
Evelyn took Beatrice’s hand and gave it a shake. “Nice to meet you. Now I should be off, but I’ll see you around. Take care of each other.” Evelyn said, waving at the girls before leaving.


Beatrice shuffled along the hallways, head held low, yet she managed to avoid bumping into people. Books in hand she glided quickly along the hallway to her next class when she stopped short of bumping into someone. She turned only to find another body in front of her identical to the last. She lifted her head slightly to see the Roselli triplets standing before her. The Roselli triplets all dressed in their pink and white robes, blond hair and blue eyes, each looking like a delicate porcelain doll. Beatrice smiled weakly then tried to move around the sisters but they moved blocking her way. She moved the other way and again they moved. Lili shot her hand out, hitting Beatrice’s books and knocking them on the floor. The triplets roared in laughter. Beatrice paused for a moment and was about to crouch down to collect her books when a sword shot past her head and stopped at Lili’s neck. Lulu and Lala gasped in shock and horror as the blade nearly decapitated their sister. Chiselle stood sword poised and a menacing grimace upon her face as Lulu attempted to push the sword away. Before she could make contact, Chiselles fist found its mark near Lulu’s nose, sending her sprawling to the floor, blood gushing from her nose like a fountain. Lalas fist began to arc towards the soldiers head, and fast as lightning Chavelles head connected with Lala’s sending her to the ground crying in pain grabbing at her head. Chiselle stood up straight and bared her eyes at the remaining triplet, who was now shaking with fear at the trained and experienced killer. The cries of her sisters aside her made her fear all the greater. Gruffly Chiselle spoke “Leave my team alone or I’ll gut you like a fish. Got it?” The triplet merely shivered with fear. Raising her voice and growing impatient, Chiselle added “Got it?!” The triplet shook her head and stood shaking as Chiselle lowered her broadsword to her side but did not sheathe it. “Pick up her books.” She commanded. Lili paused for a moment then dropped to the floor and picked up the dropped books and slowly, she handed the books to Beatrice, her arms shaking the entire time. Beatrice took the books slowly and pulled them close to her protectively. “Now apologize.” Chiselle said sternly. “I’m sorry!” Lili blurted out, tears beginning to stream from her eyes “I’m sorry!” She began to say over and over as she covered her mouth with her hand. “That’ll do. Now get lost.” She said flatly. Lili paused a few moments then went to her sisters, her eyes kept on the warrior as she helped her sisters up and then quickly they left. As the girls left, Chiselle finally sheathed her broadsword and turned to her team mate. “You alright?” Beatrice nodded then after a brief pause spoke very softly “Thank you.” Chiselle slapped her shoulder gently. “Don’t mention it. If anyone bothers you, just…” “What do you think you’re doing?!” a male teacher robed in black asked rhetorically. “Fighting shall not be tolerated in this school.” “And harassment shall be?” “You should have gotten a teacher.” “This is a more long lasting solution.” “This isn’t a battlefield!” “It sure can be for girls like Beatrice. I’ll accept full responsibility for my actions; however I will protect my team members the best and most effective way I know how. “ The teacher sighed for a moment and his demeanor softened with the sigh. “I’ll talk to the Headmaster about it. You will probably get some detentions but I think he will understand the situation.” “Then it will have been worth it.” “Don’t make a habit of this.” “I probably won’t have to. Now that I made an example of them I doubt they’ll bother here anytime soon.” “Still, don’t make a habit out of it. Sarah does have a reputation to uphold.” “She wasn’t even here…” “Detentions are served by all team members. If you get detention, Sarah and Beatrice must serve it as well.” Chiselle nodded. “I’m only interested in results, not reputation.” “You may feel that way, Chiselle, but Sarah and her parents most certainly will not.” “That’s their problem.” “Umm…. Sir?” Beatrice interrupted shyly “Yes Beatrice?” “You said you would talk to the Headmaster. Who is he?” The instructor sighed and thought a moment. “I don’t know. The Headmaster is unknown to students and teachers. They do this to monitor us without us knowing.” “You said you would talk to him?” “Yes but I won’t see him… or her, to be honestly they could be either gender.” “Thank you. “ “You’re welcome.” The teacher said smiling. “Now I suggest you get to class.” Chiselle entered their dorm room to see Beatrice diligently pouring over her books at the desk. Chiselle casually approached her, making sure her feet made ample noise. Beatrice turned and smiled weakly. “Thanks again for earlier.” “Stop thanking me. Especially since you get detention too.” Beatrice lowered her head for a moment then looked up. “No one has ever stood up for me before. Why did you?” “Because you’re on my team. If one team member has a problem, it will affect the rest of us.” “I see.” Chiselle put her hand on Beatrice’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” She said, gruffly. A few moments later she removed her hand and moved to the window sill and sat. “So why were you asking about the Headmaster?” Chiselle inquired. “Beatrice turned to Chiselle once more “That girl yesterday.” “Girl?” Chiselle asked, raising her eyebrow. “That 2nd year that came in to say ‘hi’?” “What about her?” “I thought it was odd that a student would know what kind of sorceresses we were. She seemed very familiar with us so I… asked around. Students don’t have that information. With what Mr. Talbert said, it’s reasonable to assume she’s the Headmistress.” Chiselle pondered a moment then a smile spread on her lips. “Brilliant. “ Chiselle got up from the sill and put her hand on Beatrice’s shoulder. “I can see you can be very resourceful.” Beatrice looked down, blushing and smiling. “We’re gonna have to work on your looking down.” Abruptly the door burst open. Sarah stood panting with a very displeased look on her face. “What were you thinking?!” she yelled. “How could you be so stupid?!” “What are you talking about?” Chiselle said, taking her hand off Beatrice and hooking her thumb in her belt and turning towards Sarah. Sarah took a few steps in the room. “We have detention!” Chiselle shrugged. “Think of it like this, princess. Either take the 3 detentions, or have people harassing you and Beatrice here, affecting your performance. Correction -- affecting ‘our’ performance.” Beatrice turned back to her studies as the two argued. “What about my reputation?!” “It will probably improve. Not that it matters. I don’t care about your precious reputation, I care about results. ” “You’re nothing but a big bully!” “Didn’t I just stop someone from getting bullied?” “Right now you might be able to use your size and strength to get what you want but when I start learning magic you won’t be able to push me around.” “I’ve killed 2 sorcerers. So I can still push you around if I really wanted.” Sarah’s mouth opened but no words came out. Beatrice stopped looking over her books.” Chiselle sighed. “We Northerners are constantly fighting, so we learn to kill from an early age. I might only be 15, but I’ve been in my share of battles. That’s why even some of the teachers fear me, they know I’m a trained and battle tested killer. You may not like my methods, princess, but of everyone in this school, I’m probably the only one truly ready for the cruel outside world. With your size and attitude, you’ll probably rely on others’ fear of me to keep you safe, so you’re welcome.” At that, Chiselle walked over to the bed she picked and flopped upon it, and rearranged her sword to a more comfortable position then placed her hands under her head. Sarah sighed and walked over to Chiselle. “I’m sorry. It’s just 3 deten…” “Don’t say sorry to me say sorry to Beatrice. It’s her I was looking out for.” “She’s…” “What? What is she?” “She’s a peasant…” “She’s also a member of our team, very resourceful, and we'll probably rely on her more than you might think.” “What makes you say that?” Chiselle smiled.

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