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What do you think of Sex Toys? - Get HAPPY

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Sex toys
Do you enjoy playing with toys and if not why not maybe you're not doing it right.
Some tell me oh no I don't need them which usually means no I haven't tried them.
Well I'm happy to say I love them lol some do everything but put out the garbage and wish the dishes if they make ones that do that we'd never leave home except for running out to buy more batteries of course.


LOL! Im always runnin out to buy more anyway;.)) I love mine i have many they all have names lol My fave is still my first one Big Blue tho its in its second incarnation now i love my blue dolphin Nothin hits that sweet spot better


@ Carol,
I must admit,just like your self,
I love a bit of a Buzzzzzzzzz, my self
some times.

Ha,ha,ha, but i use all rechargerble
batteries tho .... ( So i don`t have to go out for Any ). Ha,ha.
LOL xxx


feel left out i've only got 1,my love labs g prober glass dildo but it does hit the spot lol


ok ola never heard of that but googled it omg does that shape add to the fun hehe
when i broke up with my last gf the biggest fight was who got custody of the vibrators luckily it was amicable and i got visitation rights for the ones she kept wink wink hehe


yes amy it does lol


Sex Toys are awesome, I'm waiting for them to come out with one that looks like a jack hammer and stays plugged into the wall, then I can say I've seen them all lmao

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