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Gone forever but forever in my heart you'll be!. - Your WRITES

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You're my best friend
you died today,
from 16.04 1992 until this day 26.08.2012 - twenty years you lived,

knowing that around every corner I turn every place I go,
you were once there too,

for you wanted a different life, couldn't handle yours, so you decided to begin a new next to the mighty man in heaven above,
you were in a right state not ever able to wake, for two days I sat in the waiting room, not wanting to say Goodbye too you, but today this afternoon, they pronounced you dead and with the angels flew my best friend to heaven above, I went and sat with you, Cheyenne and me we vowed to show you, we can make it through, we'll over come this and we're going to do it for you,

but I know you're gone to heaven above, but our friendship I value so, those five years I got to call you my Best friend and forever I will.

I don't think I can express in words what you mean to me, all Im doin now is crying, I miss you, so much and forever so,

will you give Mummy a hug for me, I know you'll protect me so and watch over me like a guardian angel so close to thee.

my bestfriend is gone with the angels above,

for this day you died, those twenty years you lived, you touched many lives and many hearts and this one Honey you'll never leave,

Jess, Do you know?, Do you understand?, how much I love you so?. I'm going to cry and Im going to grieve forever because I'll never get over the loss of you, for you are my bestfriend and now... you're gone!.

I LOVE YOU! . Rest in Peace beautiful soul,


She is one of the brightest star that shine each time when you see them glow at night. There she is - watching upon you n your other mates. She doesn't even have to say anything for you all know in your heart that she loves every of you w her last heart beat. She won't want you all to grieve for her forever but she wants you all to remember her forever .. With all the pack up good memories no matter It's a year or 20 years , she will be remembered by you all , every second in your life. And she is gonna protect you - guiding you to a stronger path ..

Idk who she is though , but I believe this is how someone would wish before she makes her path to Heaven , n she is now one of the star that glows even brighter coz of the love from you all


Ella, I dont really know what to say or how to reply, I guess right now all I can say is thankyou and I love you to bits! Everyone here is really supportive.


I can only say smile when you remember her and love never dies.
Every tear will may you stronger.
Bless you Bec.


Im going to do that Carol, make sure I smile when I think of her, she'd want that, she'd want me happy and remembering her,

xo Thankyou.


Every word you have written shows how much she meant to you and how much you loved her. It's a beautiful tribute to your friend.

I send you the warmth and love that unites us all as mortal human beings. x


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