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When Love Dies - Your WRITES

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When love dies,
It ceases to exist.
And the flame that used to be,
Ceases to persist

It feels like a wound that won’t stop bleeding,
Like it’s your last breath you're about to take,
And it feels like your soul’s watching,
And all you can do is pray you wake.

When love dies,
It’s like everything slows down to a stop
The tears that came rolling down your cheeks
Are taking ages to drop

To the cold tiled floor
I fell onto my knees,
It felt as if the light followed her shadow,
As she slammed closed the door…

Love died,
I know this because my soul died too.
And it was hurting as much
As all the pain I put her through.

When love died
I ceased to exist
The only thing that kept us together...
Ceased to persist.

My poem is for any person ( man or woman) who has ever lost someone. Whether through cheating, love gone cold, hurt in which ever form. The one I lost was my burning candle. And all I had to do to keep it burning was pay attention... I extinguished that flame, by hurting her


Sometimes though , you could be the one who extinguished the flames from the burning candle , you are also hurting just like her.

Everybody hurts .. It seems like a stage to grow up I guess.. I m always hurt too , n m not the one who extinguish the burning candle .. Mine is still burning .. But the fire is blown away by the wind as It whispers to me "You deserve someone who loves you just like you do"

I wish someday , someone lights up the candle for you n keep the light go on , even If there's gonna be a strong wind coz Love Never Dies ..


The main thing is 'WHAT IS love?' How do we view it as individuals? How do we interpret it? Is it just love of another person in the physical sense. Yes you can lose the physical attraction but the question is that once love is kindled then whatever material fall out or legal separation takes place there is ALWAYS that element of love or attachment be it psychological or out of loyalty.

Love can be of a respectful nature - even to ex partners or assocaiates - NEVER HATE as that is such a self destructive emotion and can lead to irreverable froms of negative violence in which case we all become losers. I hate what has happened in the past but I don't think of it now - I have learned to love the preseent and the future - at 68 years old so there is hope and opportunity for evryone else to take advantage of universal freedom of choice.

Material differences may and do often seiously occur making it impossible on a physical, material and psychological level to live with the person but love psychologically and emotionally will not ever completely go once the 'spark' of mutual attraction has been lit. That should never ever stop us moving on as separation in many cases can in time afterwards create a greater respect.

For instance we may not like or love our government, aspects of this country, its' people or our family all at the same time for whjatever reason/s but we NEVER hate life - we love it merely because of that eternal hope, will to live on and determination to suceed. We have hope that things will go better for us in a world that can help us all when we need i. In time we find such help and suppost somewhere around. Then when we have found our alternative option of happiness we realise that we really LOVE life that has so much to offer.

Remember that maybe when negative events or relationships occur that it could be and very often is like a school bell telling us that it is time to move onto the next class - or the next stage. As I am writing this I am learning (obviously through my Spiritual guides and teachers) how futile hate is and how positive love (of life and its inhabitants) help us all to progress.

May I recommend the study of the DESIDERATA which was found in a church in Baltimore in 1692. That explains and will help us to undersand what love really is. I have it on my wall along with that other famous prose FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND. These two items help us all understand what it is all about. I have them in our living room. They are both great teachers of philisophy and understanding. Spiritual love goes to ALL readers. Remember that famous Liverpool football club anthem - which is so true 'YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE' so 'Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone' God bless to all readers - Leslie

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