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Have you fell in love with someone at first sight? - Gay Guys! <3

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hahahha...It has happened to me a lot ....But no one told me that they fell in love with me at first sight ...I wanna know what kinds of guys you would fall in love at first sight ? Sexy ? Oh thats not necessarily all the time ...


As a matter of fact, Bradley, I had been with a number of guys when, one night, in my favourite Gay club, in walked this fabulous guy. I have to admit that he was not the most handsome guy in the club, but then again, neither am I.
He was wearing a one-piece jump suit like Elvis Presley wore, and he showed that he had something between his legs.
But that being said, he had an attitude that I cannot describe but one that hit me and attracted me to him immediately. For me, it was love at first sight, and we have been together for many years.


First of all I don't believe in love at first sight (lust perhaps, hopeless crush yes, but love, no way).
But like Jim says above, my partner (now of 7 years) really did draw me in, and he was not really my "type" at first. He was good looking and very, very keen on me when we first met, and that really impressed me since I usually can't tell if people are interested or not. But I resisted it, and all I wanted to do was let him down gently and move on because I truly did not believe that I would be a good match for him (there is an age gap, plus I was a "club-kid" and wanted to have fun with whomever I pleased, and not be with just one person at the time).
However, speaking with him made me realise that he was very smart, and that truly got me. The idea of dating a guy both cute AND intelligent (who wasn't up his own clacker) became really enticing and everybody else just disappeared from my view shortly after that.
Sexiness played no part in this for me at all: I was not particularly turned on by him. All my previous relationships were months long, and one was two years. They were all based on sexual attraction, or one-night-stands that went on for months. This is the first relationship that went against my usual approach, and my partner is the only person I have ever considered myself married to. It wasn't quite love at first sight, but I noticed the difference from the moment we first met...


I've never experienced "love at first sight", but have experienced "lust at first site".


Thanks Jim and Jeremy so much ....

thats really azmaing ..and so roamantic ...From you guys experiences ...What i could get the most important thing is keep Simple ..or Natural ..It seems something was arranged by Timing ....

And the other thing is ....It's NOT really important to fall in love with somebody ...Perhaps we even dont need this stuff...As time goes by ,Maybe someone would be the right choice even he is not looking good ,But he is Fit for you ...

Thank you so much for what you guys wrote....and I begin to believe Love again ....


Unfortunately i´m good at that, but then i regret cuz i realize that it is not that i crushed, it is just a caprice.


Only once and i wont let it happen again, its a beautiful thing dont get me wrong but when it doesnt work out its complete hell. After the first time you get see things alot better though.


Yes i do,but the trick is,to Grow closer .........


I am currently in an odd senario. I met a guy and for some reason can't get hium out of my head. he is sweet and very nice and goes to my college. he also is a drag queen. He plans on making me into one and i don't know what to do. Every time i see him my heart pulses faster and i feel like my iq drops. but he makes me feel really safe. is this love or not i don't know but i told him i liked him and he was flattered