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Hard Times - JUST FOR FUN

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Seeing that the number of worshipers was dwindling in his Bishopric, the bishop decided to enter a contest on the national television station.
The moderator, to say the least, was quite surprised, but having seen many different contestants in his time, made no comment.

"So, the first question for $1,000.00:- What comes to mind when you hear the number 22?"

"To the expression '22, there are the cops'" replied the bishop.

"Is that your last word?"

"Yes, George, that's my last word."

"You are right, bishop John! Shall we continue for $5,000.00?"

"Yes" answered bishop John.

"What does the number '33' make you think of?"

"I think of someone going to see the doctor, tells the patient to say '33'"

"And is that your final answer?"

"Yes, George, that's my final answer."

"Once again, bishop John, you have answered correctly! So, for $50,000.00, the questions become more complicated. I think, with this question, you have a chance of winning because it is in your field. So, the question is the following:- What did Eve say when she first saw herself in the mirror?

The poor bishop starts thinking, but can't come up with anything. Mentally, he recites all the book of Genesis, but on this one point, nothing. Speaking of his memory, he says, "I seem to have a hole ..."

The entire audience gives a standing ovation and the moderator jumps up and down with excitement.

"Magnificent, Bishop John! That was the correct answer! What do you want to do now? Shall we go for $100,000.00?"

The bishop can't understand how he could have given the correct answer without knowing, but says to himself that the Lord works in mysterious ways, even on télévision, so he decides to continue.

"It is for my diocese, so I'll continue"

"So, for $100,000.00, What did Adam say when he saw himself for the first time in the mirror?"

Again, the poor bishop, who never thought that there could be mirrors in the Garden of Eden, now realizes that the game has become much more difficult than he had imagined, says, "Oh! Frankly, I never believed that it could be this hard."

Everyone was now wrapped up with excitement and there wer chants from the audience "THE MILLION! THE MILLION!"

"My dear Bishop, shall we go for the million?"

The bishop still does not understand how his reply could have been the correct answer but comes to the decision that he has help from above, so he nods in agreement.

"What did Adam say when he saw that Eve was pregnant?"

After a long silence, mortified that he is about to lose all the money he had won, said to the moderator,

"I should have pulled out earlier."



Vary good Jim .........

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