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you are all I need - Your WRITES

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Your love crept up on me
we were only friends for so long
but now I can't be with you
I miss you more than I ever thought I would
so many doubts I had and I would push you away
now you are in my heart and on my mind everyday

I always had to be strong for you
but now I know you are my weakness
when I sleep it's you I see in my dreams
will we ever be together

I dream of simple things
like seeing your eyes open first thing in the morning
of holding you tight through in my arms through the night
and kissing and tickling you to make you smile

When I dream I look deep into your eyes
and you smile at me
and that's all there is
I don't need anymore
your love sets me free

some talk about fireworks
but we had thunder claps
our bodies shook like earth quakes
so powerful was our love
it scared me
it excited you

you always wanted prefection
and you were so fussy
I was oh that will do
don't worry about little things

you had a wild tempter
scream and rant
I'd smile at you
and just want to kiss your worries away
I could always settle you down
when no one else could

so here is my promise to you
others may smile and flirt
but when you are with me
you'll never have to hurt

I love you more each and everyday
no more pushing you away
and yes it still scares the hell out of me
but life is for taking chances
rocking and rolling
and slow dances

so I am here waiting for you
together we will forget the past
and we will start a new


Sometimes I wish
We all could be a little braver
I wanna swim like a fish
Since I m not a swimmer

Even the birds can fly
But the sky is so high
We can't seem to reach
Perhaps love needs strategy

What makes love go on and on ?
When sometimes It turns so wrong
Yet we wanna fall into
Sometimes we wanna make It through

Love can be fireworks
Love can have sparkles
If people learn how to love
And to be love in return

Thanks Goddess
When we get down
Friends are here to share happiness
They can even show you how

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( HUGS CAROL ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Beautiful both of you


Carol is truly born not just to be a writer .. She's amazing in many of her ways ... I guess I have more to learn ... (from her though)

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