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I find writing and poetry writing (unfortunately I do not read as much poetry as perhaps I should) is a marvellous form of self expression which is a good thing if direct contact with others is not one's best forte.

Poetry manages to relax me when I am writing and I find that I am writing more and more on different sites and this helps me also. If people don't like what I write there is ALWAYS the option of switching off is as good as action as any.

By writing poetry it enables you to explore the inner possibilities of being able to relate better - be it woith yourself or with others. Too many of us these days do not realize how much being able to relate propery to yourself and others and teaches is important. It also teaches one to view matters from the other persons point of view or position. Hopefully it lets me induce some form of imagination which, unfortunately is one of my weak points but that is another long story altogether - maybe at some time in the future I can talk about it.